Friday, July 30, 2010

without further adieu

Hush Baby Crib Bedding

above is the link for the bedding we decided upon, and below is a larger image of the fabrics themselves.

i pre-selected about 25 color swatches from their website to try and narrow down the field.  will decided he was overwhelmed even by the 25, but he was a good sport and we sat down on the floor and discussed each one. 

he put his favorites into one pile and his "not so favorites" into another.  after this, i pulled out my favorites and we went back and forth about why we liked the ones that we liked.  once we decided on the swatches we liked we then had to determine where on the bedding they would go!  this was an entirely new battle.  we had to take an intermission at this point.

once we resumed with clear minds we quickly made our selections and had this part done within 10 minutes.  we reconfirmed that we loved everything we picked and that it went amazingly well with the painting we are going to do, and clicked the send button.  we cannot wait to see it in person!


beth said...

well hot dang. will you let us know what we can buy to go with it?

adrianne + will said...

yes indeedy! you know how particular i am about everything, so now i'm handing over a spring board for colors! we figure that once we know what gender of child will be placed with us, we can then go heavier on one side of the color wheel than the other. ;-)

we're super excited to be entering this preparation stage, and can't wait to get the bedding!

now we just have to pick out a crib!

S and J said...

The colors are awesome!!! Very bright and great for a toddler as well so when the baby gets older you won't have to change much. :) J