Saturday, July 13, 2013


lately dax has been cracking us up in all sorts of ways.  here are some of the funnies that have happened.

apparently mommy is not very good at knowing how fast little ones feet grow. when we initially took dax for his first "shoe" purchase, i was just sure he wore a size 4. well, on that trip it turned out he needed a 5.5! so, he had been enjoying those sandals until about two weeks ago when we were finding it harder and harder to squeeze his piggies into those shoes. we knew we needed to go on the shoe shopping trip. well, the other night we went to get him some new shoes and one foot measured a 6.0 and the other a 6.5! they recommended we get him a size 7! holy cow! where is this little baby going? man, we were cramming a lot of foot into not a lot of sandal!  needless to say he likes his new speery top siders. he thoroughly tested them out running all over the house this morning.

today will decided he was mega thirsty and needed a drink before we launched another search for dax some new water friendly shoes.  in the mall right across from the shoe store was a starbucks, so will figured he could not live without a cool lime refresher.  so we got in the line ordered his drink and then headed over to wait for it to be prepared.  while making the drink the barista decided to make a little chit chat.  daxton decided to chime right in and he exclaimed "love you!"  we all chuckled and will confirmed that after he thought about it, he really loves the baristas too.

the other day we were sitting at a restaurant and daxton had just about had enough so i decided i would take him out and stroll him around while will paid for the bill and got our leftovers boxed up.  dax and i found ourselves out in front of another restaurant where live music was being played.  it was live blues.  dax was fascinated by the guitars and singing and could not resist some dance moves.  he basically does the hula for his dancing and stood there and danced until daddy was ready for us to go.  i think we're gonna have a tommy t. jr. on our hands!

earlier this week dax was playing with his pirate ship and i was working at my desk.  i turned around to see what he was doing because he'd been pretty quiet and he had decided to take the top off the ship and place it on his head like a hat.  he had apparently been sitting there waiting for me to look at him because as soon as i looked over and started laughing he wsa grinning so big he could hardly stand it!

another day this week daxton decided to use the ladder that i have in his book nook (working on this never ending project) and use it for shelving.  he took all of the toys out of the play baskets that looked similar and lined them up on different rungs of the ladder.  on one rung we had blocks all the way across, another rung held a giraffe and the parts that belong to it, and then on the bottom shelf we had an array of sippy cups.  it was almost poltergeist like in its order and organization and had i not noticed it when i did it may have just spooked me right out of the house!

Monday, July 8, 2013

20 months

daxton turned twenty months old today!  he's been a bit under the weather with a tummy bug, so a photo shoot was not in order - however, we took some photos on july 4th that were pretty close to the twenty month mark that we'll use to memorialize this occasion.

our sweetie pie is turning into a little boy.  just this past week will and i were separated by miles but both looking at old "baby" pictures of our sweet boy and texting our favorites to each other.  it's hard to comprehend where that little baby face went.  every day he looks more and more grown up.  will thought he grew up entirely too much in the six days we were apart. 


daxton's latest tricks include playing hide and seek.  you never know when he's playing but he'll start out by running up to an alternate person and squealing with excitement to try and get picked up.  he'll giggle and squirm in the hopes that he can bury himself into your shoulder so that the unsuspecting seeker won't see him.   he'll play the game with mommy or daddy - or even doggies that have no clue what's going on.  he plays it quite a lot with amelia, and she has no clue what's happening.  however, this past weekend he also played it with my cousin's doggy.  he's so silly.

because sweetie has been sickly with a tummy bug lately he's been spoiled rotten in the food department and getting away with complete digestive murder in his consumption of nothing but carbohydrates.  we're hoping he'll be feeling better soon, but right now we're on a rice cereal and baby food regimen.  his beloved tomato plants have finally begun bursting at the greens with tomatoes and we were able to pick some when we got home from our trip to nani and gran-grans.  hopefully he'll feel well enough by the end of the week to feast on his harvest.

dax is still working on growing his vocab these days.  today at the doctor's office he really had the receptionist going when he asked if he was "daxton white" and he confirmed his last name was "white".  then she asked him if he lived at our address and he said "no".  then she asked if he was not feeling well and again he said "no".  she asked a few more questions and got a head shaking "huh uh" to confirm his previous "no" answers.  he learned "no" last week and its been pretty popular ever since.  he says it regardless of if he means yes or no, and then you only know if it really meant yes if it's followed up with crying because you did not do what he wanted you to because you thought he meant no.  (we try not to let him know, but right now it's pretty stinking cute to hear the "huh uh" and "no, no, no".  we know this will not be so cute in a few months - but for right now we will enjoy it and giggle and smirk in private.)  other things dax has said in the past month are - "i know", "there you go", 3, 2, 1, go", "i got you", "hair", "why?", and "get down".

daxton worked lately to learn how to blow bubbles.  he played a lot with nani and gran-gran while i worked last week and watched them blowing loads and loads of shiny bubbles.  he chased them and followed them all over the patio.  then, by saturday night he was making his own little bubble blowing faces with pursed lips pressed right up on the bubble wand to attempt to blow bubbles sideways out of the hole.  he never actually got a bubble to come out of the wand, but gran-gran said he blew for all he was worth (dimples showing) in a grand attempt.  hopefully this summer we'll get some work in the bubble blowing department.

* * * * *

update on doggy sister amelia. 

she is doing fairly well and slowly recovering from her episode.  she still walks with a bit of a slant and occasionally runs into door frames or slides down stairs and they think she'll always have a tilt to her sweet head, but we're happy we have her with us and that she's still here to keep our daxton laughing and playing hide and seek.