Thursday, August 5, 2010

green light - go!

will and i just got back from baltimore.  we'd planned a trip around his second opinion visit at johns hopkins.  by the time we had the appointment, we knew his spinal fluid leak was healed, but we kept the appointment since they are so hard to come by.  will felt a huge sense of relief when the doctor confirmed that the leak was gone and that he was 100% healed from his decompression surgery back in april. 

i know he was worried about our adoption paper work and the section that asks about your medical history when you have something looming over you like that.  now we can both peacefully rest assured, knowing that this part of our journey will not present any hurdles.  i asked will in the car on the way home if he thought we should set up an appointment with our primary doctor to get signed letters from her stating that we were both in good condition for adoption.  he proudly told me that he'd already talked to her about it.

love this man!


J.R. said...

Love the photo, love the news!

adrianne + will said...

Thanks! Yes! It is the best thing we've heard all year, and even better that it gets us one step closer to our sweet baby!