Friday, July 9, 2010

adoption = all consuming = mush for brains

all consuming. 

i think i'm at the stage now where this is becoming all consuming.  i think i tend to have a bit of an obsessive personality at times.  you see, everything i do, i want to do it perfectly, make sure i am making the right decisions, and fully investigate every option.  with adoption this is very hard to do.  there is just so much information out there, it's really hard to know where to begin, what path to take, and what to believe.

just when i thought i was falling in love with bethany christian services i found some websites that led me to feel a little differently about their program.  luckily i have a facebook friend who is going through the process and she has agreed to chat with me on the phone next week.

i feel really good about everything i know about wacap so far, and have also found a facebook friend who has time to chat with me about her experience in august (after our trip to john's hopkins).

i really hope that connecting with these parents (both current and in process) will help us get a better feel for what path is going to be right for us. it's hard to digest the fact that once you've committed to an agency by giving them your deposit, submitting your application, and preparing for your home study that you are then locked in - for better or for worse.

hopefully we can relax this weekend with a little r&r at the beach and just really chat about everything that is weighing on our minds, because right now i am not sure i will be able to sleep again until we've picked an agency.

here are some cute things that keep me going these days:

these sweet babies are on our front porch.  its hot out there, hot as can be, but their mom is keeping them well cared for, despite the sweltering heat.

we got this baby bank at a print shop in roanoke when we were in town for new years eve.  i know its totally supposed to be a joke, but for me it's totally serious.  this little baby on my desk keeps me focused on work when all i want to do is stop and day dream about babies.


Tracy said...

Oh, I can totally relate to the "mush for brains" thing!

Glad you found our blog, so that now I have found yours. It is awesome to see how God builds families through adoption!

Melodie said...

thanks for your comment. i know the beginning stages are overwhelming. we used a local agency in Oklahoma City where both of our boys were born and where we lived at the time. unfortunately, i wouldn't reccomend that agency though. and i'm not sure what direction we will go for our future adoptions. so i'm not very helpful to you since you are in a different area. i think every Bethany place is different. if i were you, i would contact the one you are thinking of using and ask if there are some adoptive parents you could speak to/email to get information from. (sort of like a reference for the agency.) how the agency responds to your request might tell you alot. i don't know. it's just a suggestion. :) i will enjoy following your journey! god bless!

Brian said...

Glad you all found our blog and that you enjoyed our adoption referral video. Hang in there...your day will come. Have you chosen an agency yet?'re right, it's an important decision. Gladney is our agency and we've been very pleased with them. They've been very professional, quick with updates, etc.

adrianne + will said...

Thanks to all of you for your helpful cheering on! We need all the mentoring we can get! Brian - we have not selected an agency yet, but I have submitted requests for paperwork from 5 different places. (Gladney is one of them.) So excited to hear praise from so many happy expectant parents, but now we just have to decide which path to take!