Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this life

how does this life go so fast?

while i work from home on my laptop there is a desktop with a photo screen saver scrolling through photos in the background.  a few of the photos from Christmas 2009 just scrolled past.  at first i thought - oh wow - there is my nephew with his guitar at Christmas.  then i thought - oh wow - he was 9 when he got that.  then i thought - oh wow - he has had a birthday since then (that was in february).  then i thought - oh my goodness it is almost october!

my question is - how does time go by so quickly?  if things are flying by this quickly now, before we even have a child in the mix, how quickly are those moments going to speed right on by? 

scary thought.

cherish every moment.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

work in progress

we're running around like crazy people. this past week was a whirl wind with us being out on vacation the week before. we still have not found time to go to the grocery store to get restocked. (you may ask - is blogging more important than the grocery store? it's not that it is not important, i am just so exhausted, i do not think i could make a lap around the store.)

we're attempting to get everything in tip top shape. everything includes work, our relationship with each other, our relationships with God, our home (inside and out), our finances, and our physical bodies. this past week and this weekend we successfully accomplished all of the following:- caught up on the work at our jobs - this is something that has been a daunting task. we've both been working overtime, nights, weekends, and working until 4am last night. it's just crazy.

- we joined the gym and are working to eat more healthfully. this is an ongoing battle and we want to set a good example for our child.

- created a plant bed in our front yard - we needed to get our yard in top notch shape for our profile photos and are working with a drought in the area, so hopefully these little plants will drink up the gift of rain over the next three days.

- hung all of the nursery art on the walls - each piece was carefully thought about, so that our baby's room would be filled with art work that would help him/her grow, find joy in life, love their family, never forget where they came from, be respectful of God's creatures and other human beings, and be excited for the future.

- were gifted the most amazingly wonderful changing table from our dear friends mark and kathy. mark found this piece for us at his work and has been working diligently to get it restored. we've just got a few finishing touches to put the a&w touch on it. it's so fantastic, i just cannot wait to get some pics up here to show you. (stay tuned!)

- spent time together at a matthew west concert on friday night. this evening transformed our lives in an emotional and spiritual way. matthew west's tour speaks of "the story of your life". will and i felt every song that comprised the album spoke to our lives and our journey to this point. the song "the healing has begun" was something that solidified the reassurance that we are on the right path. i know i've said it 100 times, but everything is speaking to me lately reaffirming that we are following God's plan. however, this song reminds me that even after all we've been through that God is not done with us, and through the adoption of this child we will have fulfilled a part of God's plan for our lives.

Matthew West Concert - The Healing Has Begun - YouTube clip

will and i both know that our healing has begun and we are well on our way to being where we'd like to be. while one's journey is never over, we at least know we are being healed and are on the right path. we're healing from emotional wounds where we felt we were "damaged" in not being able to have children of our own, we're healing from physical ailments that have plagued the both of us throughout the past 15 years, we're healing in our knowledge that God's grace is here for us.

we had so much fun friday night!
below are some snapshot segments from the nursery walls!
this is a series of three child like cut outs that hang to the right of the nursery window.  these were created by artist sandy mastroni.  these little girls are a symbol of the love that my sisters and i share for each other.  although we are different in so many ways, we love each other unconditionally and are always there for each other.  we want our child to always be reminded how important family is.
this is the series of artwork that will hang directly over the changing table on the wall across from the crib.  each one of these pieces was created, or hand picked with a purpose.  here's what we've got:

je t'aime - i created this piece from scrapbooking supplies to always remind our child how much they are loved.  it's written in french to also be a reminder that there is more out there than what we see in our day to day life, and to be excited to go - see - and do.

harrisonburg map - this map was found in a box that my mom carefully packed for me with memoirs from college.  will and i met at james madison university in 1996.  we met, fell in love, and never left each other's side.  we lived in harrisonburg until will graduated jmu in december of 1999.

"growing horns" - this print by Leah Duncan is a reminder of growth and of course my "sweet darling deer".  this past week will screamed for me to "come quick" into the keeping room and look at the deer.  there, in our back yard were a mother and baby deer feasting on our cherry trees.  (some people would be upset about their trees, but we moved onto their land, so how irritated can you be?)  i carefully tried to snap their photos without using the flash, just grabbing their shadows against the neighbor's driveway lights, but couldn't.  i sat and watched them for over twenty minutes until they decided to move on to another place.  there's just something about the deer that we gotta have in the room.

family portrait - by artist Jordan Grace Owens is a custom made set of moveable dolls framed on the nursery wall.  the artist is going to create a baby to join the family once we send her word that our special arrival has joined the family.  we hope this little family portrait will always remind our child of the support that they have from our family and the togetherness they will always feel in our relationship with them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby fever

everywhere i turn and every facebook update i seem to run across this week is announcing someone else's pregnancy. i imed husband at work today to tell him that i just found out someone else is preggo. i then followed up by telling him (just in case he forgot) that we are more pregnant than we've been in a long time with the adoption on the horizon.

putting together the nursery has helped us to see how real this is all becoming. the baby bedding just arrived last night. we ate our supper and ripped into the boxes to get the bedding out and see what we'd created. we worked together to get the skirt on and lined up, the sheet tucked in, the bumper ties tied, and the blanket folded just so.
then - we just stood back and admired our work.
we were happy with the colors we'd selected and what it says about us and the type of environment we want to provide to our little one. we're happy that it’s colorful, it’s whimsical, it’s non-traditional, and it’s fun.

while we were at the beach last week i finished reading our latest adoption book. it’s been so great to just focus on gathering so much helpful information to get started (before we actually get started). we found out we needed to get will a new ssn card, we got a new copy of our marriage license, and we got some documents from our general practitioner. we're wrapping up a refi on the house and stocking up on things when they go on sale. we're more ready for a baby to come into this house than we've ever been before. so much more than we ever were when we were previously actually physically pregnant.
a dear friend sent me an email today that quoted the following:

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.  To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.
this could not be more of the truth. God has steered us down this path, encouraging us all the while. He has built us up as individuals and as a couple to prepare for this most amazing journey of our lives. pregnancy is "carrying" a baby.  with all of this knowledge and preparedness we are totally "pregnant".

sneak peak
(we'll post more photos when the room is completely done.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

date nights - book 'em while you can!

this past weekend was the labor day holiday.  will and i looked forward to a weekend of rest, a weekend of getting things done, a weekend of being together.  friday night started out with a "date".  (you may be asking yourself why a married kidless couple has to plan a date, but when your poor dh works around the clock at two different jobs and maintains a church website, you have to get in there when you can!) 

dh got off work early on friday and we headed out to a pottery painting studio.  i had a platter that i'd picked up at the local goodwill store for $4 and i was looking to get that painted up for a surprise for a special someone this thanksgiving.  dh wanted to make something for the nursery.  we scanned the store and he decided on a little hippo bank.  he liked the idea of me giving him a color palette to choose from.  he did not want to have to play the matching game with the rainbow room.  we stayed until they closed and were both very happy with our art work.  the pieces will be ready this friday, and we cannot wait to see how they turn out.

dear husband paints

i paint too

after painting we headed to a local seafood restaurant and dined al fresco on the patio while enjoying some live music.  the fella had a really nice voice and we really felt like we were at a jimmy buffett concert on numerous songs.  the weather was nice, and the company even nicer.  we had a great time enjoying each other's company.

it's hard to imagine someone else being in our everyday lives.  we're so ready for that little person to join us, but it's just hard to imagine how each waking moment will be.  i guess it's something you are not fully prepared for until it happens.  until that time comes, dh will be working around the clock pulling in extra money for the adoption, and i will keep busy on etsy, artwork, and blogs to stay out of his way.  today as we shopped around target at the baby sale dh exclaimed "we're getting a baby!"  as a dear sister of mine loves to say "mano-mano-mano-witz" - we're getting excited!