Wednesday, July 14, 2010

adoption on "the view"

The View

scroll half way through this show to see the segment on adoption.  very useful and very well spoken information from Adam Peterman from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.  a featured couple adopted transracially, something that i think really fits us.  every day we learn a little more and feel a little more complete about the decisions that have to be made.

it's funny that i found this link on, where i found a board for adoption (Adoption Forum on The Bump).  i had abandoned that site years ago after our first miscarriage.  funny how we've come full circle.  they even had a section about home studies, and what to expect.  it's crazy how these are the things that keep me up at night.  i'm worried about the paperwork, the home studies, the medical appointments to say we're healthy enough - things you just don't have to consider if you have a baby of your own.

however, somehow after finding this "new" (new to me anyways) message board and watching this clip on "the view", i at least feel a little more schooled today.


easilyamused said...
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Just Will said...

That is one thing that I still find a bit frustrating. I understand the reasoning behind it and the need to protect children but it is frustrating that potential adoptive parents have so many hoops to jump through but it seems that anybody can have a baby. I especially found the segment interesting (and so true) regarding how nobody questions biological parents regarding why they chose a particular fertility treatment or method for conceiving yet adoptive parents frequently get questioned about the choices they made.