Sunday, July 18, 2010

my fur baby - meal

amelia is 11.  will got her for me as a graduation gift when i graduated from jmu in '99.  she's been our fur baby all this time (and we treat her like our real baby).  we were told in january that she had a heart murmur.  the vet found it when they were getting ready to put her under anesthesia for her routine dental cleaning.  they told us then it was a 3 on a scale of 0-6.  they told us they'd monitor the murmur and then we would put her on meds if it got any worse.

today we had the doggies at the vet for a routine check up and some shots.  the vet came in to tell us - the murmur is worse.

vet said today that the murmur is now a 5/6 and her blood pressure has increased.  this saddens us so.  we know she won't live forever, but we'd certainly like her too.  she is the sweetest, most affectionate, caring, playful, and loving dog i could have ever dreamt of. 

the vet prescribed a medication for her to take twice daily.  the vet said she will hopefully do well with the medication and this will slow the progression of the heart disease.  we go back a week from monday for a follow up.

this afternoon, after we got home from the vet amelia - meal as she is known around the house - sat in her favorite spot.  meal's favorite spot is anywhere there is a ray of sunshine.  i went to get the camera and snapped a few photos of her as the sun shone on her chest.  just a reminder that GOD knows her troubles and is watching over her.

love you meal.


Cathy said...

This post made me cry!! It reminded me of our cat Tommy (he passed away in February). Fur kids are so wonderful to have in our lives and it's heart breaking when they start to show signs that they're getting old or sick.

I hope that you guys have many more wonderful days with "Meal" and she continues on with her life happy and loved!!

adrianne + will said...

Cathy -
Thankfully Ms. Amelia is really feeling lots better now that her meds have kicked in! She brought me two toys to play with this afternoon, and earlier she spent time terrorizing her sister!

Sorry to hear about your sweet Tommy. I just cannot imagine how hard that will be. Hearts go out to you and yours for that loss.