about us

we're a family of three built by God's hand through open trans-racial domestic adoption. 

meet us:

i'm adri and i'm the mom.  i'm the artsy "creative" type who is always looking for her next project.  i'm a work from home mom who also takes care of her sweet baby and juggles it all as best as i can. 

i'm married to will and he's the dad.  he's the super "geek" (and i use this term lovingly - i love my nerd) who knows everything about computers.  he works for the state to help manage one of the world's largest databases. 

our son is dax, and well - he's just awesome.  he's the purest love of our life and our joie de vivre. 

we live in a rural small town in north carolina and enjoy the non-extreme weather and the gorgeous seasons.  we love spending time together, worshiping God, singing, dancing, learning about other cultures through food and music, and playing at the beach.  we're thankful for each other and for our large extended families.  we're blessed with every day and we're happily living this life.

right now we're searching for bliss as we work our way through our second domestic infant transracial open adoption process.  we know that in God's perfect timing we'll be matched with just the right expectant mother and we'll be adding a precious little sister to our family.


Destiny Paquette said...

Can't wait to learn more about your family and blog. from the SITS Tribe

Angela Culley said...

You have a beautiful family!

Stopping by as a member of your SITS Tribe! Can't wait to get to know you!

Shikha Upreti said...
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Shikha Upreti said...

Great blog!! Can I please get your email address? I have few question regarding ptosis

will + adri said...

Hi Shikha,

Certainly, email me at: adri.taylorwhite at gmail dot com.