Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pins and needles

we're on pins and needles around here.

the adoption hopefuls who were so generous to reach out to us and offer us information and support last friday have been informed of a possible match.  we don't know them, we've never met them, we've only seen their pictures online - yet we feel such a connection in waiting for the news.

people going through the adoption process seem to be the most gentle and open people we've ever met in our lives.  such a blessing.  even though this is not a placement for "our" baby - we feel their anticipation.  we're praying for their baby's birth mother, praying for the baby, praying for their family, praying for their social workers, we're praying that everyone involved has the peace of GOD to make the right decisions for all involved. 

i just cannot imagine how we will feel once we file our own papers - knowing that the phone call could come at any time.  it could be the middle of the day - it could be the middle of the night - it could be sunny - it could be raining - it could be winter - it could be spring - it could be a week after your homestudy is approved - it could be 12 months later.  the anxiety of all of that uncertainty is exciting and unnerving all in the same regard.  the anticipation i feel for our hopeful friends is making my heart want to explode, so i cannot even fathom how we'll feel when we receive a similar call.

thank you GOD for all of these feelings - FINALLY - feelings of excitement, eagerness, strength, and hope for a baby to come.


Melodie said...

soak in those feelings. it will one day be your turn and soak in those fleeting moments and emotions as they pass!

Cathy said...

I can tell you first hand that it's one of the most amazing feelings!! The whole time that we were driving to Michigan to meet Gus I was a mess! I was crying without really even realizing that I was crying.

To open yourself to adoption makes your heart vulnerable and is scary! However, there's nothing like the process and it makes you so much more appreciative of your baby when you finally connect! When I held Gus for the first time, all the waiting and uncertainty was instantly washed away and nothing in the entire world mattered!!

I cannot wait to read about your adoption journey and hope to be there for you and help celebrate as each milestone happens!!


adrianne + will said...

Thanks so much Melodie and Cathy! We will totally relish every moment of this journey! So happy to be sharing this ride with so many wonderful people!

Kierstin said...

That is me right now-- I feel like I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and they may or may not induce me!! There is a mtg tomorrow at 2 with the BM, BM's mom, and social workers to decide-- if she does infact choose adoption we are told it is very likely we will be the chosen family!!!!! Trying to stay calm about it all!! Say some prayers tomorrow!!!

adrianne + will said...

Kierstin! Sending up all the prayers we can muster for good news tomorrow afternoon! I will set an outlook reminder to make sure we're praying for all we're worth tomorrow at 2pm! Hugs and positive thoughts heading your way!