Monday, July 28, 2014

searching for bliss

It is with great excitement that we announce the commencement of our second domestic infant transracial adoption process!  We've recently been pre-approved and have now submitted our formal application with Bethany Christian Services.   While the initial paperwork chase will be less time consumptive, the wait for a second child may take longer.  Our family has decided to seek a baby girl, which could again delay the search time.

We will be creating a profile book using photos of our family get togethers and other special memories with Dax to "show off" our family to any expectant parents.  Along with the book we'll also be working on some fundraising opportunities to help fund the process. We would appreciate your help in sharing the word!

 Fund raisers include:

·          Etsy Store - Hand Made Goods & Art Work

·          Mommy's Freckles - Children's Book

· - Affiliate Link

·          Donations

God has entrusted us with a special gift in being adoptive parents and we look forward to seeing how He expands our family through future adoptions. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of our lives, praying for us, and helping us continue our journey to build our family as we search for Bliss.

With Love,

Will, Adri & Dax

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

catching up

wow, time is really flying by!  i knew summer time was a busy time, but somehow we got all the way from may to the first of july without one single blog entry!  whoops!  we've been keeping busy with work, outdoor concerts, going to the pool, taking little mini trips that included my dad's retirement party in va, a visit to will's parents in western nc, and a trip to the train museum and nc zoo.  dax had a fun time with all of it.  he's really getting into going places and when we sometimes find him with his favorite item of the day standing by the front door saying "go"!  he's definitely on the move, and doesn't like to be still.  he keeps folks entertained and he's even doing pretty good at entertaining himself these days.  today he played for several hours with some chalk and two race cars.  he drove them all over the "road" that we'd drawn on the wall and he even chattered to the cars - although i have no idea what they were carrying on about.  

his recent 2.5 year check up checked out well and the doctor said he was looking good.  thankfully he got no shots this time, so he really liked seeing all of the doctor's tools and getting a sticker.  

mother's day 2014
mother's day - music in the park
stanley, nc - transportation museum
first ride on a real choo choo train!
nc zoo in asheboro, nc
nc zoo
park in greensboro - dancing to african drummers
chalk drawing at namaw and poppie's - waynesville, nc
hanging out at gran-gran's retirement party - roanoke, va
picking blueberries  in namaw and poppie's back yard - waynesville, nc
all of this fun has made our boy tired and gotten him a little off his sleep schedule.  some afternoons daddy has to wake him up from his long afternoon naps.
while all of this fun has been going on we've also got some major happenings in the works over here.  we'll be updating everyone with more details on all of that soon, but just don't think we're sitting around watching real housewives and eating chocolate candy. 

although, there is nothing wrong with that.