Friday, July 2, 2010

the search continues

the search for an agency has continued. we spent last sunday researching agencies and submitted for some packets of information. it's just hard to get the true feel of an agency without getting into the paperwork, or meeting the people behind the websites. it's hard to imagine that you will make all of the right moves just based off your "gut" feeling from a website.

i recently began to use facebook as a tool. just yesterday i connected with someone who was a fan of "bethany christian services". i fanned their page a while back, after i had read over their mission and what they stand for. they really strive to help birth mothers make the best decisions for them and their babies, even if it means not putting the baby up for adoption. they also adopt only to christian families, and we are certain that God lead us to this point, so he needs to be at the front of our process. this mother had posted a discussion topic on the facebook page and i sent her a note. she wrote back almost immediately and began to tell me about their process and had a link to her blog. it's amazing to me how open people are.

i've been reading a lot of blogs lately. i think it's really therapeutic and helpful to do research from (hopefully) unbiased parents going through the adoption process. they post when adoption paper work is filed, when home studies are done, when adoptions fall through, when babies are placed, when the adoptions are finalized, and continue pouring our their souls to the current date. it's really opened our eyes to a number of agencies we had not heard of before (wacap) and helped us to understand how complicated this entire process is going to be.

since will is feeling better, we really feel like we are at a good place to get things going. we're going to keep on doing our homework and hopefully narrow down the choices we have within the next few months. with all of the helpful bloggers, great websites, and facebook broadcasters, i am sure we will end up where we should.

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