Thursday, July 22, 2010

lucky hedgehog


incessant barking. 


it's just the fed-ex man! 

i told the dogs it was just the replacement water filters for the fridge, and let them know that daddy would get it when he got home from work.  i was busy with work and did not want to go to the door just in case it was someone trying to sell something.

earlier this week i had a conversation with a friend about this exact thing and she asked if i ever missed out on anything by never answering the door.  i told her no, because if it was the mail lady or the fed-ex man with a good package - they'd be back tomorrow. 

after the dust had settled and i finished the excel file i was working on i headed to the front door and glanced out the window.  i saw it there, a smallish box just perfectly sized for water filters.  i did not even open the door and went back to work.

will got home tonight and i remembered the box on the porch.  he headed outside and apparently opened the box while he was outside.  he came back through the front door wanting to know if i had ordered anything.  admittedly i scrambled in my brain thinking (uh oh - we said we were saving for the adoption) did i order anything - "No, no, I did not order anything!".  he curiously noted there was a baby sculpture in the little box.  i got more excited and rushed towards him to see what he was talking about.  he said there are some papers in here and he started reading the note:

it was the sweetest note from my sweetest jennifer juniper with our first baby present!  so exciting!  i kissed the hedgehog and then had will kiss him, and then amelia, and iliana.  we lovingly carried him around the house - super excited to have the first gift for our sweet baby.

this little lucky sweetie is going to adorn my desk during every minute of our investigation, hold down our pounds of paperwork as we fill things out, and just be his adorable little self to remind us about the bundle of pure cuteness that is on its way to our arms!

the first time we were pregnant we were filled with excitement and allowed ourselves to purchase one baby item before our baby went to heaven.  we were at old navy when we stumbled upon the cutest little diaper cover.  it was on sale for .47 cents.  i've saved it to this day, and finally removed the price tag.  we honeymooned in hawaii and when we saw this, we just had to get it.

we've finally gotten that excitement back and this past weekend we found another bargain baby item.  i'd eyed these baby shoes for friends and family who have babies, but could not justify spending so much money on baby shoes that i was not even sure the baby's mommy would like.  however, this weekend these shoes were on sale for $3.47.  i looked at husband and asked if we could get these shoes.  he asked who we were getting them for.  i said they were for our baby.  he said - yeah - sure - why not? 


beth said...

I can only hope for the two of you that this will be easier rather than harder.

adrianne + will said...

Thanks Bethy! I certainly hope that is our path too! I feel like we've been through the hard battle, and for once this is going to be something that is natural and sure.