Saturday, August 21, 2010

ta da!

so we searched the internet and found the best deal on the jenny lind crib was at babies r us.  we headed into the store this afternoon - finally ready to buy something for "our" own baby!  what a novel idea!  you see - we've been in baby stores before - dozens of times - however, we've never been in one to purchase something for "our" baby before.  too exciting!

we made our way into the store and i avoided eye contact with all employees because i wanted no questions about "when is the baby due".  luckily we escaped without any of that and even had the associate load up the crib into our car.  the cashier asked us if we had a coupon - and i got a little defensive - like, where would one get such a coupon?  (i call myself a bargain hunter - so the fact there was a coupon out there that i did not know about was a little bit of a let down.)  she told us we needed to sign up for their rewards program so we would get coupons in the mail... good to know.  hopefully we will get one by the time we need to go back and get the mattress.

husband and i both decided that we're fine without the mattress until the bedding comes, and the minute that the bedding arrives we had better have made a decision about the mattress because we'd be buying one that instant!  (we have ants in our pants.)

husband had some work to do for his second job so i wanted to get to work painting the artwork for the nursery.  he'd be busy on his laptop and i'd be busy with my canvas.  (amelia decided it was like college again.)  however, it was not about 10 minutes that had passed when husband strolled into the nursery and said "when did you want me to put the crib together?"  i said "anytime is fine with me!" - and so it began.

i made sure he read the instructions first.  we've put together lots of furniture from ikea in our 14 years together, and it never fails that something is a little off.

but this time was different.  we were getting the things together the way they were supposed to go, and everything was looking good!

nice work husband!

until the last screw went in for the springs.  then i scratched my head and asked if the coils were supposed to point up like this?  i was thinking that could do a number on the bottom side of the mattress...husband said that it was how it was in the manual.  but then he looked at it again.  he confirmed - we'd put that part on upside down.

woopsie! - so we took the metal piece back off and flipped it over for a re-install.

amelia helped us get back on track.  she made sure to stand by for the entire procedure in case we needed an extra pair of paws.

then - ta da!  all finito!  husband had created an adorable crib for our nursery room!

now we just have to finish the artwork, wait for the carpet cleaner to come, unroll the rug from land of nod, put on the bedding, stain the new changing table (that our wonderful friends kathy and mark found for us!), and hang the curtains!  shew - hopefully we will be all done by october 2nd and we can just sit back and relax before the big photo shoot!


Cat's Litterbox said...

I love it!! October 2nd is my birthday too!! FUN FUN FUN!!! :)

adrianne + will said...

That will be a good day - if we can get everything done 1 week in advance! The list is long and forever growing!

J.L. said...

I was just reading about Jenny Lind beds and you got a Jenny Lind crib? So cool. Loved the bit about getting frustrated about not having a coupon. You're too funny.