Tuesday, August 31, 2010

family ties

being with family always reminds us how important it is to build a family of our own. 

this past week i traveled to va to visit my baby sister and her husband since they were in from chicago.  since my job affords me the luxury of working "from home" my new found freedom with my new laptop extends that luxury into working "remotely" anywhere that i can get the internet.  therefore i was able to go to va, work during the day, and then spend the nights with my sisters, my parents, and other extended family.

we always have a wonderful time when we're together.  the laughter that explodes from our collective presence is always something contagious.  the stories we all so vividly tell are so intricate with detail that they keep us hanging on each other's every word.  we're bonded, were strong, we're fun to be around!  i just love every single one of them to pieces. 

while i was in town my parents threw a cook out for baby sister's friends to come visit and hang out.  one of sister's friends had spoken to her a while back about their challenges in becoming pregnant.  when i found out about it, and we were full fledge into the land of "if", i felt an instant bond and longed to help.  i reached out to her and we chatted for a few months, and then before you knew it - she'd left the land of "if" and they're now expecting a little girl.  when i first found out, i have to admit i was a bit sad.  it's sad to see people come and go on this island, but once i saw her and her husband at the cook out i was over joyed by the happiness i felt for them.  it's so good to be in this place.  a place where we can feel genuine happiness for others who successfully become pregnant and carry healthy babies to term, a place where we can not think of ourselves and the sadness we've been through, but a place where we can focus on the celebration of new life.

baby sister got husband and i some anniversary presents for our sweet baby darling deer.  she scored a baby book for adoptive parents!  how amazingly wonderful!  it's so exciting to see things like this that make our process more real and so special.  we're so lucky to have these loving friends and family, and can't wait to have our little one growing up around such wonderful people.


Melodie said...

i have this book! 2 of them actually. i bought one while waiting for our first. then one was given to us as a gift after Holden came home to us. i just held onto the 2nd one for our next child, knowing they would need this special book also. it's a great book. so glad you have one!

Delaine said...

I am so glad you were able to go home and be with everyone! There is nothing like being with family!! We can't wait to have you come to Austin in October!! We are going to have such a fun weekend. XOXOX

Cathy said...

We have this same book!! It was a gift from a good friend! I completely know what you mean about being on the island... I have friends that were in the same situation as us, and not able to get pregnant... and they all have left the island and are all either currently pregnant, or have just had their babies. For the longest time I was jealous and very sad that everyone had left me on the island alone, but I no longer feel that way, and like you, I am genuinely happy for them and their ability to finally get pregnant and have babies.
I can't wait until you guys get things started and eventually have your darling deer to love and snuggle!!

Kristin said...

Here from the Friday Round-Up...it sounds like y'all had an amazing visit with your family. That is a fabulous gift you got from your sister.

myinfertilitywoes said...

Your family sounds awesome! And your writing is beautiful!

Here from the Friday Round-up :)

adrianne + will said...

Thanks for the pop-ins from the "Friday Round-up!" Totally flattered!

D - Cannot wait to see you and your sweet baby in Oct!

Yes to everyone else, we are stoked about the book and cannot wait to fill it with our family's adoption memories! The little book has a place for everything and I am so excited that it is a special book for adoption, instead of trying to make a "regular" book fit our family!