Sunday, August 22, 2010

could be done

when i get into a project working on that is all i can think about.  starting yesterday it was this canvas.  i worked on it for hours without even stopping to go to the restroom, get a drink, or get any food.  then today, when rain cancelled our baseball game adventure the first thing i thought of was painting.  i worked on it until i got it to a place that i liked - and now it could be done.

could be done?  well, yes - this is how i work.  i will have to live with it for a week or so, and then in the middle of the night some time i might wake up from a dead sleep and think of something else i need to do to it before it's officially "done".  once this happens i will frame it and get it securely mounted to the wall.

now that i stand back and look at it, it reminds me of why i love it so much.

first off, it reminds me of how colorful husband and i are.  we love art, we love color.  we love adventure.  we love going where we've never been before and trying new things.  we're loud people.  if you invite us over - you know we're there.  we aren't afraid of anything when we're together.  it's that somewhere over the rainbow sort of mantra.

just look at a sampling of husband's closet:

and then my favorite necklace:

now you can see why i was so inspired by the painting at anthropologie and how it is so perfectly wonderful for our baby's room.

so we will see if it gets any further adaptations before going on the wall, and if it does i will be sure and let you know.


Kat said...

Beautiful! I totally love it.

Cat's Custom Classroom Creations said...

Looks awesome!!!! :)

Delaine said...

Love it! You are so talented and creative!! XOXO

beth said...

love the crib and be glad you are so talented. someone like myself must rely upon the mercy of others.

J.L. said...

Beautiful painting and beautiful description of the two of you.