Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sweet baby darling deer

this past weekend we visited my side of the family while in roanoke for a memorial service.  around my house i'm known as the "deer yeller".  it's sort of like the "horse whisperer", but not exactly.  anytime we see deer on the roads leading to our subdivision, or anywhere in the neighborhood we stop the car so i can "yell" at them to "stay away from the road!"  it's sort of a running joke around here, and everyone just knows i have this fascination with these animals, and their safety.  while traveling up the blue ridge parkway for the memorial service we ran across about a dozen deer just grazing on grass along the sides of the road.  mom was driving, and she stopped the best she could each time, so i could jump out and snap their photos. 

she told me when i got back in the car that we should refer to our anticipatory baby as "sweet baby deer". 

i thought it was pretty ironic since i had just recently submitted an online order for my inspiration for the artwork on the smaller side of the baby's room:

the name of this paper is "darling deer". 

so wherever you are tonight - in utero - or not even conceived - we pray for you - our sweet baby darling deer.