Tuesday, September 7, 2010

date nights - book 'em while you can!

this past weekend was the labor day holiday.  will and i looked forward to a weekend of rest, a weekend of getting things done, a weekend of being together.  friday night started out with a "date".  (you may be asking yourself why a married kidless couple has to plan a date, but when your poor dh works around the clock at two different jobs and maintains a church website, you have to get in there when you can!) 

dh got off work early on friday and we headed out to a pottery painting studio.  i had a platter that i'd picked up at the local goodwill store for $4 and i was looking to get that painted up for a surprise for a special someone this thanksgiving.  dh wanted to make something for the nursery.  we scanned the store and he decided on a little hippo bank.  he liked the idea of me giving him a color palette to choose from.  he did not want to have to play the matching game with the rainbow room.  we stayed until they closed and were both very happy with our art work.  the pieces will be ready this friday, and we cannot wait to see how they turn out.

dear husband paints

i paint too

after painting we headed to a local seafood restaurant and dined al fresco on the patio while enjoying some live music.  the fella had a really nice voice and we really felt like we were at a jimmy buffett concert on numerous songs.  the weather was nice, and the company even nicer.  we had a great time enjoying each other's company.

it's hard to imagine someone else being in our everyday lives.  we're so ready for that little person to join us, but it's just hard to imagine how each waking moment will be.  i guess it's something you are not fully prepared for until it happens.  until that time comes, dh will be working around the clock pulling in extra money for the adoption, and i will keep busy on etsy, artwork, and blogs to stay out of his way.  today as we shopped around target at the baby sale dh exclaimed "we're getting a baby!"  as a dear sister of mine loves to say "mano-mano-mano-witz" - we're getting excited!

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Cathy said...

You're right... until you have a LO you have no idea what it'll be like. Have no fear- you'll still be able to go out and enjoy each other's company, but you'll have a special person with you and it'll only make your relationship stronger! People will say, "Enjoy it now because you won't have time when you have a baby..." but that's not true. Keep time for you guys and bring your baby with you! The best thing that parents can do for their baby is to keep loving each other and keep their marriage fresh and new!!