Monday, February 7, 2011


since moving to north carolina, i can honestly say that we hardly ever get sick.  however, when one of us gets sick, the other one usually does too.  while i was in northern va the other week i picked up bronchitis and then inadvertently shared that with will.  we had to go to asheville this past weekend to pick up his mom's car, but the trip was long and difficult with both of us being on decongestants and expectorants.  while we were there we both picked up will's mom's stomach bug and both spent the past 24 hours battling both illnesses.

i often wonder how parents manage to take care of their children when one or both of them falls ill.  we've been through some major illnesses, and through those times we've had support.  however, with the day to day bronchitis or stomach bug when you are just too tired to drag yourself out of bed, yet you have to, so you can take care of another human being - i just wonder where that strength comes from.  did you have it all along, and just never know it?  or, did you know all along that you could dig deeper, but just did not have to before the kids came?


Cat's Litterbox said...

Recently Steve and I both had food poisioning and neither of us could take care of Gus. We had to call our neighbor, she's fabulous, and ask her to come over and take him for a few hours so we could rest (we had both been up all night throwing up). She gave us just the amount of time needed to feel well enough to care of a baby.

It's very difficult. People often say they'd rather be ill than have their baby sick, but I am the opposite. If I'm not feeling well, I don't feel like I give Gus what he needs. I'd rather him be sick and me take care of him and be there to meet his needs completley.

I hope you guys feel better soon!!

Kat said...

I feel its there already , even if you dont know it. I raised my babies for several years all by myself and even now as they are teenagers I often wonder how the three of us made it. At the time however, I dont recall ever questioning it. I just knew what needed to be done and did it. You have the same strength , you both do and you will make it work. And if it gets really bad, I am only 45 minutes away! Hugs!

beth said...

It is amazing when you feel like you cant hardly move when the little ones are sick it just goes away. You sleep when they sleep, medicine when they medicine, and cuddle (this is the best part in my opinion) as much as they will let you. Its a great time for old movie favs and chicken soup.