Thursday, February 24, 2011

in the heights

in honor of our budget friendly ways we were stoked when we found out we'd been granted two free tickets to see a Tony Award winning musical called "In The Heights" at the Durham Performing Arts Center last night. 

husband and i took full advantage of this generous gift (from YELP) and decided to make it a celebratory night in finding out about the approval the day before.  we agreed we'd find a local restaurant to eat dinner at after the performance.  we got dressed up and headed across town for the show.  when we arrived we were impressed by the theatre and all of the state of the art features, but also by the friendliness of everyone who worked there.  we really felt like this was a special night out!  we found our seats (which were amazing) and got ready for the performance to start. 

when the story began it was told in a little bit of a fast paced rap, which was hard for me to comprehend what the fella was saying, and i later found out that husband had the same issue!  however, by the time we made it through the first portion of the first act we were hooked!  the story about finding your way, and sometimes getting to where you thought you wanted to be and finding out that you were actually on the right track all along was a theme that was all too familiar.  the play featured several couples in love and husband and i would squeeze each other's hands when the people in the story had things work out in the end. 

we're so thankful for the time that we've had with each other over the past fifteen years we've been together.  we're reminded every day to make sure we cherish this time with just the two of us because as our family grows our lives will never be the same.  we look forward to the ways in which our lives will be forever enhanced by the addition of a little one and will never forget all of the wonderful memories we have with just the two of us.

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Cat's Litterbox said...

How fun! I almost took the tickets too... but we weren't home yet/just getting home. And we have Gus. :)

We had season tickets to the DPAC before Gus and LOVED them! The DPAC is a beautiful building and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves!!