Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God was speaking

when you know - you just know.  God was speaking to me today telling me that we were going to get good news.  I thought for sure we would be getting an email that would tell us that our formal application had been approved.  so throughout the day today (probably 50 times) i refreshed my gmail to see if we'd gotten anything from our bethany portal.  i talked to my little sister after work and expressed my sadness when the day had come and gone and no email came.  i stopped myself and got into calm down mode since they'd only had our additional information for a few days now, but still i had hope.

husband had to go to a meeting at job numero dos this afternoon and got home a little bit early.  he always checks the mail before coming inside.  he came inside with a HUGE packet from bethany that informed us that our formal application was approved!  we jumped up and down, hugged, cried, and carried on.  i told him i just knew that something was coming today.  i could just feel it.  i think it's true, that when you know - you just know - and when God speaks - hopefully you hear what he's saying.

so now that we have that hurdle behind us, this is what lies ahead of us:
  • completing this packet of paperwork below
  • attending an infants class
  • attending the adoption seminar on april 1st
  • reading the book "Raising Adopted Children"
  • having an approved home study
we've downloaded the book on will's kindle and are going to start reading it aloud tonight and cannot wait to get through this next set of paperwork.


Patrick said...

that is truly amazing, I am so incredibly happy for you both

Jen said...

Great NEWS! I am so happy for the two of you!

S and J said...

This is awesome!!! I am so happy things are moving forward for you. :-) J

J.L. said...

hi there, happy people! i bet the infant class and seminar will be so fun.

Kierstin said...