Tuesday, February 1, 2011


we got the stage 1 approval we wanted, so now where have we been?

i had to go to the headquarters for my job for a few days last week and am just getting back into the swing of things.  we started on the formal application the night we got it and will completed about 40% of the general information questions.  we left the longer more essay style questions for a time when we could mull them over and figure out exactly how to communicate what's in our hearts.  last night i sat down to answer those questions to the best of my ability and then emailed all of that to will so he could work on the formatting and making sure everything comes across as we'd hoped.

today we're putting the signed acknowledgment paper for the privacy act and the next phase of the required deposit into the mail.  we hope to continue to work on the formal application online and get it submitted by week's end.  the office confirmed that the next informational seminar (which is technically the next step) is not until spring, so we will just hang tight and wait for the next step once we get this online application completed.

in other news - i had to get rid of my beloved 2000 vw jetta last night.  the car was due for its state inspection and 16 codes appeared when the mechanic ran the diagnostics to figure out why the check engine light was on.  i'd always loved the car (since before i even owned it) and purchased it for myself as a graduation present from college.  i took it to the local vw dealership to be sure that it's fate was decided, and they confirmed the worst.

my parents told me it was a lemon after all of the trouble i had with it.  i ended up having to get an additional warranty to cover about $8000 worth of repairs that were done from 2001 - 2004.  but - it was my car - my first car.  i was so happy when i paid it off and i figured i would have it until i ran it into the ground.  i just never knew that would happen so soon.  when the repairs to get the car to pass the inspection totaled over $1600 we knew we had better cut our losses. 

admittedly i cried on the way to carmax last night, but then the more i thought about it i knew it was an end to an era.  the next car i drive will be one designed around children - child safety - ease of getting strollers into/out of the car - and places to put all of a child's things.  we decided to not take on an additional car payment until after our placement has occurred and will's parents are being so kind as to loan us one of their cars until that happens.  then, when we're financially able we will go out and get the perfect family car.  (i just hope it has blue dashboard lights, a moon roof, and leather seats.)


Kierstin said...

I see a Honda Odyessy in your future--- I love ours!!!! Leather seats are a must fir kids! I learned that the hard way!

The Daddy said...

I agree, the Odyessy is a win / win. Don't forget about the heated front seats...

Cat's Litterbox said...

I have an Edge and love it... right now with just Gus it's perfect. When we decide to adopt again (or a miracle happens and we conceive), we'll think about the Toyota Sienna. It's beautiful. I always said I'd NEVER drive a minivan... but if I had to drive one, it'd be the Toyota.

I think holding back and waiting until you absolutely must get a car is a great idea. Why pay money when you don't have to!

I remember the formal application phase... so stressful. Our autobiographical information was intense. I think my section was 32 pages and Steve's was 28. CAS told us it was a record breaking amount of information! :D

My prayers are for patience for you and that you say what is in your hearts. You guys are so great, nothing can go wrong if you just be yourselves and let your words paint the perfect picture of who you are as a family.