Thursday, February 17, 2011

one last onesie for our little one

about a year ago when everyone i knew was having babies i bought a couple packs of onesies and customized them with initials, neck ties, flowers, and the like.  two nights ago i thought i would just dig through that old bin of fabric in the hopes of making some baby toys out of scrap fabrics when i ran across one last onesie in a packet.  i quickly reminded myself what i'd made for others and about getting busy to make some of these types of things for our own baby!  why i never thought of it before, i am really not sure.

so i got to work digging through the bin to see what i could come up with.  i am in love with other's photos of their babies at their one, two, three etc. month birthdays with the onesies with the iron on transfer numbers to denote which month it is.  i often thought when our baby arrived it would be one of the first things i'd add to my etsy shopping cart.  then it dawned on me that i could just create something similar, using what we already had.

i pulled out some felt, thread, needles, pins, cardboard letters, granny's measuring tape, granny's scissors and got to work.

i traced the letters out backwards onto a piece of teal felt.  then, using granny's scissors i cut out each letter individually.

using pins i secured each letter onto the top layer of the onesie and used the measuring tape to get it lined up in the center.

using the coral, red, and buttercream threads i sewed each letter onto the onesie, removing the pins after each letter was in place.

i hope to continue making more of these once the sweet baby darling deer makes their way to us, and we can photograph them each month to document their growing journey.


Melodie said...

you are amazing! it is so cute. so here's what you should do. open your own etsy shop and sell them in lots of 12. like one for each month. you might become an etsy millionare. it's just so darn cute!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Very cute! The ones that I use for Gus are actually stickers ( and we love them. I put the sticker on the onesie and then when I'm done with pictures, I take the sticker off and put it back on the paper to keep for his baby book. Yours are cute too... I'd wait to make a lot though... you never know how big the baby will be or how fast they're going to grow!!

S and J said...


Lori said...

looks absolutely fab!

Polly said...

Sweet sweet!!!! How lovely. xo

Jenn M said...

love it!
I'm curious - how well does the felt hold up when washed?

adrianne + will said...

Hi Jenn,
If you try it I would suggest following the instructions I found here:

However, my intention behind this was a sort of one time use type of onesie like Cat mentioned above with the stickers - just for the photo op. (And I never really think past the aesthetics of a project. LOL!)

I really have never tried to wash wool felt, so I am not sure how it would react. But if you are going to test it out, I would try washing some before you sew it on to your fabric, just in case the results are not so pretty.

Have fun!