Tuesday, January 4, 2011


patience is a virtue.
patience is a gift from God.
patience is trusting in the Lord.

some people know just what you need.  one of my sweet sisters recently sent me this adorable card.  she hears me grump about things taking too long, the process being slow before it has even begun, and the fact that my patience has worn thin.  this little turtle reminds me that it's slow and steady that wins the race.

to distract myself i've been working on some projects.  last week i emptied the former craft closet and moved everything upstairs to the office.  the office closet was also full of mess, so that had to be cleared too.  i got some things  we have not used in a while ready to go to goodwill, got the necessary craft and computer items organized in the office closet, and the keepsakes stowed away in the attic.  this left us with a pretty good storage area for sweet darling deer's belongings, which we are steadily accumulating!

when i lose track of the importance of the wait i head back to the closet and spy on that little turtle in there.  he makes me smile and keeps me focused on the initial laps being as important as the end of the race.

i emailed bethany again today to ask if they could resend the letter to a doctor they were waiting to hear from since the doctor has not yet received the medical release form bethany is seeking.  i left messages/emails for both parties, so we hope they will finally get everything they need to move us on to stage number two.

now we resume the wait!


S and J said...

I was just telling myself today that I need to be more patient and know that this is in God's timing and then you posted this... :) J

Kierstin said...

Love this post!!!

Lori said...

this puts a huge smile on my face!