Tuesday, January 18, 2011

baby steps

we're just making baby steps.  another email, hopefully the last email, was received this afternoon for one more letter confirming will's recovery from the decompression surgery.  we're typing this up tonight to get this back into the email to the agency, and hopefully this will get us past all of the requirements for the initial application. 

our steps are tiny through this process when i am used to taking huge strides.  friends used to always tell me that i needed to slow down, not walk so quickly, not to take such large steps.  however, towering just shy of 6' tall my legs are long and my strides are big.  it's been hard for me to get to the point where i can just take the tiny baby steps that we've been given.

things happen for a reason.  we know this.  i just sometimes wish i could fast forward to the future, see the reason for all of the hang ups, and then rewind and happily sit and wait.  unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon how you look at it), things do not work this way.  the reason for all of this will be revealed to us in time and we know and understand this. 

i think the thing that makes this all so difficult for me is that i thought we were being so super diligent when we mailed in our paperwork on december 1st, that i just never dreamed there would be all of this back and forth.  47 days later we're no further along, and that's just hard for me to digest.  the progress we've made seems so marginal in the grand scheme of things.  however, i know that it takes all of these steps, even the tiniest of baby steps to get us where we need to go.

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The Daddy said...

The steps of adoption are indeed a journey. A journey filled with depth, layers, meaning and purpose. Much of which will only come to light in the years to come. I heard a sermon a while back and the pastor said something that has stayed with me (I will probably blog about it one day :))
"Jesus applauds our every step much like we applaud our child's first steps. Jesus rejoices over the steps that are taken".
Jesus has invited us into this journey of adoption. Keep taking your steps of faith, whether big or small.