Saturday, January 8, 2011

goody goods

we got a goody good news e-mail on friday. 

Bethany finally got the phone call from the dr. that they'd been waiting to hear from and that she's sending a letter to them shortly.  Bethany confirms that once they receive that letter they'll resubmit our initial application to the director (which our contact added should be approved without issue) and then we'll be given access to their online portal to add our formal application.  being a planner, it was great to have some sort of idea about what will happen next.  sending up prayers that this dr. will get the paper work in quickly and that we'll be into the portal shortly.

my other goody goods lately have to be my sweet pups.  don't see them here in this photo?  they've been like waldo this week.

the pups have been taking advantage of the newly cleaned and organized office closet, as well as learning to cuddle in this winter's chill.  on thursday amelia decided she'd hide out under daddy's storage shelf between an old flat panel monitor and a key board.  however, by friday the sisters both learned to cuddle up in the middle of the office floor under a blanket. 

all of these goody goods made me smile.

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