Thursday, January 13, 2011

looking out the window

"can't hardly wait" is the title of an article in the latest issue of real simple magazine by lucinda rosenfeld.  

admittedly, as you already know - i am not a reader.  sure, i get southern living and the real simple magazines delivered to my mailbox each month, i admire every single photograph, love the room makeovers, drool over the food, take the tips, but rarely ever read a full article.

this article had me at the title, and i skipped to the end and saw that the entire thing was just one page, so i knew i could hold my waning attention.  the article found me at a good time.  with three friends on facebook giving birth on 1/11/11, and one of my all time sweetest friends on the planet announcing her pregnancy, i needed to still focus on my impatience.  

very happy that others have not had the struggles we've had in conceiving, and that they have sweet babies to hold now, and babies growing inside them, but needing to focus on the fact i "need to embrace the present" and stop attempting to rush the process of our paperwork and the future arrival of our match.

the dr. we've been waiting on confirmed that she is mailing the letter that Bethany needs today, and that makes me feel good - just to know we've completed that chapter, and the ball is in their court.  we thought we'd be going to a seminar next, but learning that we'd next be granted access to the "online portal" leaves us wondering even further about what is next.  however, this time i'm okay with that.  we'll cross that bridge when we get there.    

today we're just savoring these moments together.  these moments are free of paperwork, free of responsibility for another human being's life, free of worry over diapers or formula or getting enough sleep.  sure - we cannot wait for all of those things, but for now we'll be happy with what we have.


Melodie said...

Friend, I think you're hard on yourself. ;) from my limited view (only from this blog), I think you handle the difficult waiting, amazingly.

S and J said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog... I know that patience is key in the waiting game and I am generally ok with it. Yesterday just struck a cord with me since we have desired Twin Boys for SO long. But God's plan will prevail and we will one day have our lil bundle of joy to hold as will you :) Keep your head up :) J

J.L. said...

Gorgeous photo! Love to you.

Cat's Litterbox said...

The waiting is the hardest part, but it will only be a temporary thing. Trust me, when you finally have your darling deer, you will forget what all the waiting felt like.

I'm so happy to hear that you are taking time to relax and enjoy the time of just you guys. It's hard to keep everything into perspective and this short time will be over soon and then you will be overwhelmed with a different kind of world!!!

I'm excited for you to access the online portal and get your profile online!! Any idea when you'll be starting the home study? I'm so happy to be able to watch you go through the amazing process of adoption and will be there here cheering you on!!