Monday, December 27, 2010

the gifties keep rollin' in

Merry Christmas to our sweet baby darling deer.

we did not ask for any presents this year that were not baby oriented.  after all, we need tons of things before this little one gets here!  everyone entertained us and purchased items off the registry.  super helpful, so we will be ready whenever we get this process started.

our dear friends delaine, alex, and caleb sent a giant box of prezzies last week - all of which were for the sweet baby deer!

this box was chock full of cloth diapers, diapering notes, and washes.  the adorable little giraffe goes ever so sweetly with the giraffe mama and papa taylor gave us back at my birthday.  delaine took special care to write notes on each type of diaper and wipe, and even pre-washed items that required extra laundering!

Christmas this year was at will's folks.  his folks got us the baby monitor and diaper sprayer from our registry and also picked up some additional books for the baby's growing library!  (we are heading out this afternoon to check out some sales on shelving to get the things out of what was formerly the craft room closet to get this back into the baby zone.  we need a place to put all of these wonderful things!)

so touching how so many people have given us such special treasures before our little one has even been scheduled to arrive.  we cannot thank everyone enough for their love and support through this process.  all of this preparation has helped us to finally see how this is really happening for us, and that after all of the years of planning we really are nearing a family of three.  Merry Christmas indeed.

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