Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 year in review

this past year was the best year of our lives so far.  we had such wonderful times with our sweet son dax and we've cherished every memory that's been created.

we rang in the new year by celebrating with our tiny 7 week old son.  he didn't make it until midnight, but he watched us eat an early fancy dinner at home.  later on in january, daxton met his cousins, went to my office's holiday party, and even saw snow for the first time!

in february we celebrated dax's first valentine's day.  it was chilly so we did lots of resting and snuggling to pass the time.

in march we were honored to celebrate dax's adoption finalization and his baby shower.  we had a great time with friends and family who were all excited to meet daxton for the first time.

in april we enjoyed a visit with dax's birthmom and half brother at a park.  we also celebrated daddy's birthday by wearing party hats and making him a cake.  we took dax to his first trip to the beach and he became an instant beach baby.  we celebrated daxton's first Easter and he went to an egg hunt, an Easter performance at church, dyed eggs, and enjoyed a visit from the Easter bunny.

in may we celebrated mother's day with three generations of mommies.  we also dedicated dax to our church.  we traveled to richmond, va for my cousin's wedding and dax hung out with all of his family and got to swim in a pool for the first time.  we had our first family photo shoot and got some great pictures of our sweet boy.

june was a father's day celebration and my two boys had a great day of fun and laughter.   daxton also enjoyed walks in the park in his stroller and floating in his next door neighbor's pool.  near the end of the month dax took his first plane ride to chicago to visit his auntie conti and his uncle keek.  he did great on the plane and looks forward to more traveling!

in july dax celebrated his first trip to the lake and even "swam" in the water and snoozed on the boat!  he wasn't awake for fireworks, but he did try watermelon and loved every bite!

daxton enjoyed a visit from his namaw and poppie and entertained everyone with his dinosaur roar!  daxton's increased mobility was an exciting event for them to witness!

at the end of september daxton got to go back to the beach.  this time he really enjoyed the ocean and the pool.  he loved feeling the sunshine and spending a week with his great-granny, his gran-gran, his nani, his auntie conti, and his uncle keek.

in october daxton dressed up like a dinosaur for his first halloween.  he had a great time riding a hay ride and a train at the pumpkin patch.   he passed out candy to all of the neighborhood children.

in november we had a huge turn out for daxton's first birthday party.  we were all overwhelmed by the love and support of friends and family who came from as far away as chicago to celebrate in dax's special day!

later in the month we hung out at the park with dax's birthmom and half brother.  they swang on swings and had a wonderful time together.

december brought dax's second Christmas.  he was much more excited this year about what was happening.  he loved ripping the bows off, scratching at the colorful papers, and seeing what was inside of the presents.  he watched a choir presentation at church, sat on santa's lap, rode around to look at Christmas lights, and even made a hand print ornament.

we've been blessed to have a happy and healthy 2012 and cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for our family!

glory be to God!

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J.L. said...

Loved reading this. My fave photo is July! And the three generations of Mommies! And of course I adore March--just look at those megawatt beaming grins. And that little dino ornament on your Christmas tree is pretty cute.

Happy New Year, dear ones!