Friday, January 18, 2013

snow day

my sisters and i used to pile up in front of the tv just waiting for the newscaster to tell us that there'd be enough snow that they'd have to cancel school.  the school system would wait until the 11pm news to release any school closings, so we'd sit there with our eye balls peeled just waiting for our county name to scroll past.  snow day.

dax has seen snow before, but only once and he was only 2 months old when it happened.  living well below the mason-dixon line people just don't know what to do with the threat of the white stuff.  yesterday morning the newscasters were giddy with excitement about the possibility and a "high likelihood" that there'd be accumulation.  schools started cancelling for the following day around 6pm, when it was only still raining.  just at the thought of their being snow on the horizon was all too much.

since i work from home, a snow day will never be the same again.  sure, i don't have the pleasure of scraping a windshield, putting on boots, being not so sure-footed as you step on a patch of black ice, or having a snow plow bury your car in roadside muck - but there is also no chance i can ever say i could not make it into work (up a flight of stairs) to my desk.  will got excited about the hope that there might be a day to play with daxton in the snow, but by the time i woke he'd already trudged on to work with the evidence in the drive way that there just wasn't enough of it to make the excuse.  somehow saying you could not make it to work in an inch of snow, in 40 degree weather, in a 4 wheel drive vehicle just doesn't fly.

i told dax i'd make sure he got to test it out, so i suited him up in multiple layers of clothes (could not justify a snow-suit purchase when there's a slim chance we'll see snow again this season) to take him outside and see what he thought.  he confirmed it was pretty cold by the chattering of his teeth.  he's sometimes a little dramatic with that, and it was already warming up to 40 by the time we made it outside.  however, he also confirmed it was pretty neat and he smiled to signal he liked what he saw.  i sat him in the snow under a tiny tree and he spent the majority of his time trying to figure out what those mittens were.

once he figured out that his fingers were still hiding under there he started to check out the snow.  he liked that it was pretty crunchy and hard and that when he smacked it he got a loud sound out of it. 

he played in the snow and checked out ice on a tree for about ten minutes before he wondered what all the fuss was about.  a school bus drove by and honked their horn and he admittedly thought that was pretty amazing.  (our property sits on the county line so some kids had no school while others only had a delay today.)  i assured him when he was a big boy and went to school he'd get to see what that big yellow bus was all about.   then, he'll see how much more fun the white stuff can be.

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Cat's Litterbox said...

So awesome! We haven't seen snow since Gus was nine months old! Glad you got enough for Dax to go out and check it out! So cute!!