Friday, January 4, 2013

wake him from sleeping

we were told - by the "experts" - never wake a sleeping baby.

are we the only parents that miss their child while he's sleeping?  we literally have discussions about going and peeking in on him, who gets to wake him up, and missing him dearly while he's napping or before he rises in the morning.  it's all we can do to keep ourselves from barging in on his sleep and picking him up and putting "sugars" on him.  

our hearts just burst with love for this little fella.  he's more than we ever dreamed of, more than we ever hoped for, and more amazing than we could have ever known.  he makes us smile, laugh, cheer, clap, dance, make silly faces, sing funny made up songs, and be happier than we've ever in our lives been.  it's just unbelievable how someone so small can make such a huge change in two people's lives.

we resist our urges 99.9% of the time, and we let him sleep until he wakes.  but sometimes, just sometimes when it's a little too late on a saturday morning, or the nap time has spilled over into the night when daddy gets home from work - we just quietly open his door and happen to be there when he wakes up.  when he wakes himself up he's happy, talkative, and gives us his toothy grin.  he's all smiles, he's jovial, and he'll stand right up - waiting there for you to scoop him right into your arms.  

maybe we're a quirky family or we're a little obsessed, but he's our joie de vivre - no doubt about it.

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BumbersBumblings said...

Adrienne, I loved this post!! Absolutely precious!! But for the record, I would never wake my child from sleeping. it's the only time he EVER relaxes!