Saturday, January 5, 2013

first haircut

we've tried to get this done several times before today, but it just never seemed to work out.  we weren't in too much of a rush to make it happen, so when we ran into failed attempts to make an appointment, rainy weather, or a lack of ideas on where to go get it done - we just let it rest.  however, little man's hairdo was getting a little out of control.  we love the mohawk, but some parts of the hawk were about 75% longer than others, and it was just not rockin' like it used to be.  so, we bit the bullet and yesterday i called an made an appointment.

when i called i told them my son needed to come in for his first haircut, told them he was aa, and told them he had a mohawk.  the receptionist assured me that "nicole" was great with curly hair and could handle it no problem.  appointment set for 10am saturday.  then, this morning at 8:35 we get a call from "nicole" who says she was just told about the mohawk and she was not sure she could "handle" it.  i told her i appreciated her letting us know and that we'd pass on the appointment.  back to the drawing board.

a friend referred me to a dominican salon back before Christmas and we tried about 20 times to call them during the month of december and never got an answer, so we had given up on that place.  however, this morning - i tried again.  a fellow answered the phone and i told him we needed an appointment to have my son's hair cut for the first time and wanted to know if they had anything today.  he said it was not necessary to make an appointment and to come in "at any time" and let me know they closed at 9pm.  great!

so, we loaded dax up in the car and headed about 20 miles down town to the salon.  we walked in and the fella behind the desk (seemingly the same dude i spoke to earlier) just stared at us.  we told him we needed to get our son's hair cut.  he said the barber would not be in until noon...  umm, hello?  why did you not tell me this before?  grrr.  so, back in the car we got - me driving and will googling and reading yelp reviews for barber shops in the area.

we found one.  we followed google maps and got to  man-mur barber shop.  the place was straight out of a time warp with two barbers cutting hair just like you would have seen sixty years ago.  dax's barber mentioned he'd been cutting hair for forty years, so we're safe to assume he knew what he was doing.  men lined up waiting for their turn, and after about 5 people went for their turns before ours a man walked in who was 89 years old.  the two barbers cutting hair jokingly told him he should cut some people's hair while he was there.  not missing a beat he hung up his coat, grabbed a drape, and called for the next person.  the men waiting looked around at each other and finally a fella said he'd be brave and let him do his hair.  (i breathed a sigh of relief because i was not sure if this man really knew how to cut hair or what.)  however, after some time passed it all came out that he actually used to be a barber himself and so he did apparently know what he was doing.  finally, it was daxton's turn.

the barber suggested dax sit on daddy's lap while he cut his hair.  dax sat up big and tall and was ready for whatever was about to happen.  the barber asked us how much we wanted trimmed off and we explained we really only wanted a very minimal amount off the mohawk and none off the sides or back, except where there were long patches.  the barber got to work and dax remained sitting still until the razor went towards the back of his head and then he thought that was a little odd, but he just shrugged his shoulders and leaned far forward.  within a matter of about 10 minutes daxton's long locks had been trimmed down to a much more even level.  he did really well and seems to be no worse for the wear.

we'd been nervous to get this done and even chickened out completely right before daxton's birthday party.  we'd read old wives tales that it was bad luck to cut aa baby's hair before one year of age and we never discussed it again.  then, the longer we put it off, the more nervous i became about it.  once you cut it, its gone, and you can't get that baby hair back.  however, it was not nearly as sad or scary as i had made it out to be, and i think the sweet fella looks pretty dapper with his new do.

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Sounds like that is exactly where you were supposed to be