Wednesday, November 23, 2011

merriam-webster defines thanksgiving as:
  1. the act of giving thanks
  2. a prayer expressing attitude
  3. a public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness
we're going with definition number three.  our hearts are exploding with celebration with this gift of family that we've been given.  we cannot begin to express our gratitude for daxton's birth mother for the love she's shown to us and to daxton.  just saying we're thankful does not even begin to cover it.  how can you put into words something that brings you the most amazing joy you've ever known?

this is it.  this is the holiday we've longed for all this time.  a time to build our own family traditions, carry down things that remind us of our own child hoods, and creating memories with and for dax.  it's still hard to believe it's all real, but for this day, this life, this gift, this treasure, this love, we give the ultimate thanks.


Cat's Litterbox said...

I love this so much!! I'm thankful to know both of you and to call you friends.

beth said...

I am so increadibly happy for the two of you and can not wait to watch him grow

Ashley said...

Amazing pictures!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!