Tuesday, December 6, 2011



where do you get enough of it?  how does it go so quickly when you don't want it too, but pass so slowly when you wish it would be over?  how do you use your time wisely?  how do you make the most of it?

a lot of people want to know what we've been up to lately. 

we've been pretty busy just being a family.  on thanksgiving we made a feast to feed the entire "who forest", but there were only two of us here to eat it.  we dirtied every pot, pan, and cooking utensil in the property and then had to run four loads of dishes to wash it all!  we got all dressed up to take a thanksgiving picture and then put back on our pajamas to eat our meal by the candlelight.  hey - nobody else was looking!

we've been battling baby acne, cradle cap, dry skin, a baby with a gassy tummy, and now a gunky eye.  we've gone to the pediatrician once for the acne and put a call in this morning about the eye.  since we have an appointment for his one month visit on thursday they told us he'd be okay until we came in for that.  until then we're just applying hot compresses and massaging the tear ducts in case they're blocked.

we've been on the search for diapers.  we'd decided before dax was born we were using earth's best diapers.  before he got here i found a jackpot of a clearance sale at our harris teeter store and stocked up on 12 packs of the size 1 diapers.  that was all well and good, but he still wears newborn!  we had diapers brought to us from ohio (thanks kathy) and have now switched to seventh generation.  they used to sell those at the grocery store, but alas when will went out at 8am on saturday morning, no newborn size!  we finally tracked down the last two packs that whole foods has.  i am praying that he will be moving on to size one when these two packs run out!

that weekend after thanksgiving was our last weekend at home with no work on the agenda.  the following monday it was back to work for me.  i work upstairs so i did not have far to go.  will was under strict orders to only help me in case of an emergency.  it was my opportunity to see if i was going to be able to pull this off.  there were lots of diapers, bottles, one handed typing, wishing i had voice recognition software and a baby bjorn, but somehow we made it through.  then on wednesday will went back to work.  the thing i had not accounted for was the 2 hour lag time from the time i sign off until the time he actually gets home.  those two hours were hard.  dax was fussy and mommy was tired.  however, we've learned some tricks and this week is going more smoothly.

this past weekend started off with our first time alone away from dax.  our good friend kathy came over so we could go out for a little bit.  originally we were going to the third day concert, but it was postponed until spring.  at the last minute we decided we'd go get massages and tacos!  everyone said it was a weird combination, but that's what we like!  we talked and talked until our mouths were dry.  it was good to reconnect, relax, and have some down time.  kathy and dax fared well and we only texted to check in twice while we were out!

saturday we put up our christmas tree.  dax was excited to pick one out, but he just could not stay awake.  he slept the entire time we were on the hunt, loaded it on to the car, drove home, put it inside, cleaned up, and put on half of the decorations.  we were exhausted by the time we were done.  i don't think we'd done so much physical labor on such restricted sleep thus far!  however, when we finally put it up dax seemed to like the lights and the shiny ornaments.  after we got it all up and into place i think i have decided i must be allergic to it.  i cannot go near it, cannot water it, and cannot plug in the lights without having my rosacea break out and getting massively itchy forearms.  next year we're moving to artificial.

before you knew it sunday had come and we had some friends coming over from church.  our friends brought us some casseroles, fruit, desserts, and company.  we were thankful for the visitors since our most frequent trips out lately are to target.  it was good to spend some time with people and have dax introduced to part of our church family.  they'd helped us pray for him and his birth mother for so long, i was glad to see it all come full circle.

sunday came and went and then so did monday too.  the weekend, just like the night time, goes so quickly!  its hard to get enough family time, resting time, and chores done.  did i say the laundry was piling up?  we've been really good about dishes so we could keep all of our bottles clean, but we need to get a kick in the pants about the laundry pile!  i also need to work on thank you notes, the baby book, his baby hand print, and ordering photos!  i just need more time!


S and J said...

Our daughter had the gunky eye thing too....we had to get a antibiotic ointment and then drops and also did the compressess.....the drops worked the best. Good luck but just know its completely normal :-) also for the cradle cap we use Head & Shoulders LOL I scrub it on with my nails and let it set while bathing her and then rinse last. Works like a charm in a few days :-)

Kierstin said...

I so so so know how you feel! My house is a MESS and I should be cleaning but I need a little computer break! You are doing an awesome job!! Keep up the pics and blogging because you won't remember it all... Hugs and love to you both!!

Melodie said...

well, he is just precious! i wish i could tell you that time will slow down, but i can't :) that hasn't been my experience. loved reading your update.

Kelly said...

I was just thinking the other day... why is it that your own childhood seems to drag on forever and then your kids childhood goes by in a flash? Shouldn't that be reversed?!

After becoming a mom I've realized there just isn't enough time... or sleep. Ever. Let the laundry pile up. Let the bed stay unmade. Take the time to kiss all over that sweet little boys face and cuddle. :)

Ashley said...

The first couple of months were hard for me to get adjusted. Glad things are going well. Don't worry about the laundry- just enjoy the moments with your family!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

Daxton is adorable, and I'm so thrilled you get to be his mommy. I would love to send him a little something...can I get your email address?