Thursday, November 10, 2011

meet daxton

meet daxton.  his arrival has been greatly anticipated by multitudes of wonderful people.  he'll surpass your wildest expectations, so just get ready because the journey is just beginning.

we woke up early this morning in preparation to head to the hospital around 10:30.  we wanted to make sure dax's clothes and diaper bag were ready to go.  we'd changed up his clothing arrangements several times since he was too tiny for some of the things we had in his closet.  we were ready early and i just sat with nervous energy waiting for the time to pass.  some how the last 30 minutes of this wait seemed like the longest time period of the entire journey.  finally it was time to go.

we packed up the car and pulled out of our drive way for the last time as a family of two.  will drove us to the hospital and i cried off and on until we arrived.  since we were early we decided we'd make some public announcements as to today's plan via email/facebook.  when it was close to time to be there we headed inside.  we waited anxiously in the lobby of the hospital for the social worker to arrive.  we've been working with an alternate social worker this week as our assigned social worker had to be away for a family emergency.  when she arrived we found a spot in the lobby area to sit and complete our portion of the paperwork that remained.  she went over everything with us and made sure we did not have any questions.  before too long it was time to head upstairs.

tears were welling up as we walked the long corridor to our birth mother's hospital room.  there was a heaviness that surrounded the situation and made me feel so overwhelmingly upset.  we felt (and continue to feel) extreme sadness for her loss in knowing that the happiest day of our lives is one of the most difficult in hers.  we wish there was something we could do to comfort her and help her heal as she works through this loss and grief.  it's hard for me to feel the happiness i've longed for today when all i can think about is the sadness that consumes her.

however despite the gravity of the situation and the complexity of everything that envelopes us we know more than ever that God is just quite simply amazing.  we don't really know how we got here, but today we brought home our son.  daxton is the most amazingly perfect little fellow you've ever laid your eyes on.  we praise God every minute that passes for this blessing and cannot wait to share how his little life will unfold.  today - our sweet baby darling deer found his way to us.  thank you daxton for finding us and calling us your family.


The Mommy said...

Yea!!! Congratulations! He is absolutely handsome. I know that you guys are so excited. We are praying for all of you as you begin this journey together.

Ashley said...

I completely understand your feelings of sadness for the birthmother. I also had a very hard time for a couple of weeks after we brought Kaylee home because I was just so sad to know that her birthmom was hurting. It is still hard for me, to be quite honest.
I'm so happy for you and he is just perfect! So tiny and handsome! I'm looking forward to watching him grow. Congratulations mommy!

Melodie said...

he is adorable!!! and i love his name. Dax is just perfect. and i understand your feelings on the heaviness of this day that you brought home your miracle. but i think that's exactly what adoption is. it begins with brokenness and then God does amazing things with it! enjoy this time and your little miracle. my heart is SO full for you both tonight! congrats!
p.s. send me a quick email when you get a chance. melodie1980 at gmail dot com. i want to send Dax a little something. i searched for your email via blog but couldn't find one.

April said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your time together.

Ginger said...

Congratulations Will and Adri. He is beautiful.

Cat's Litterbox said...

I have tears in my eyes right now. Your words captured so many raw emotions that I too have felt, and I just felt like I was right there with you.

Not sure if you guys have an open adoption or not, but... if it is open, some of the guilt and such WILL go away and you'll be so thankful that Dax and his birth mom will remain connected.

Just yesterday, Gus's birth aunt posted a picture of him on Fb as her status and it simply said, "FYI- my nephew Gus is the cutest thing in the world" just seeing that made me so thankful that we have an open adoption.

The relationship that you guys now have with his birth mom is one that's unique and unlike any other. You'll forever share him with her, and she'll forever be someone that you can never thank enough, repay, or express your extreme gratitude towards. She's an angel and while Dax is no longer her child to raise, he'll always be her baby and will always be on her mind. The best way for you guys to repay her/thank her, is to keep him aware of his connection to her and his roots.

As I say, "If a mother have have and love more than one child, why can't a child have and love more than one mother?"

Adoption is not for the weak and it's a hard road at times, but I believe God picks adoptive moms as the most very special people to raise babies who have moms that cannot raise them.

Much love to you all!!!

Kierstin said...

Beautiful!! I love watching God's work in your family-- Bless you all! I'm really planning a meet up in 2012!! Gotta get my hands on Dax!!

beth said...

Just a proud aunt, sitting here crying my eyeballs out because the beautiful little man has beautiful parents inside and out.

Laura said... amazing.