Monday, November 21, 2011

dax - day thirteen

daxton - day thirteen.
we've had lots of firsts in the past 13 days.  (in no particular order)

first sunny day.
first rain storm.
first car ride.
first trip to the pediatrician.
first weight gain.
first stroll around the neighborhood.
first meeting with nani.
first meeting with pawpaw.
first stroll around the park.
first gifts received.
first trip to target.
first trip to starbucks.
first diaper blow out.
first bath.
first attempted photo shoot.
first hiccups.
first visitors welcomed.
first post-placement visit with birth mother.
first visit with brother.
first package received in his name.
first attempted sleep in cradle ended in first rollover on tummy.
first arched back and holding head up.
umbilical cord fell off.
first boys hang out with daddy.
first doggy kiss on his toes.
held first toy.
first attempt to throw passie across the room.

right now we're battling some dry skin and baby acne.  each day his dry skin gets a little better, and it does not seem to bother him a bit.  he has a suspected blocked left tear duct that the pediatrician is just watching.  he works to open a little more each day and it tends to help when we apply a warm compress a few times a day.

he's enjoying his outdoor time and loves to go for strolls and to hang out on the screened in porch.  we're working to get him acclimated to his days and nights.  he loves to sleep the majority of the day and then wakes up ready to go around 9pm.  unfortunately we are not as much night owls as we once were, so by that time mommy and daddy are exhausted.  some nights we get a 3 or 4 hour stretch, and we're very grateful when that happens.

he really enjoys listening to music.  his favorite cd right now is "you are my flower" by elizabeth mitchell.  we all love singing "little sack of sugar" to him.  he thinks its funny when we tell him we're going to "eat him up".  he almost seems to smile and dance when we play this song.

he's more wonderful than we could have ever imagined.  we waited so long for a precious child, but we had no idea how much love and joy he'd bring into our lives.  we savor every minute and treasure each second we have to spend with him.  we know how lucky we are to have him in our lives.  we prayed for so long for him to find us, and we just really had no idea what we were missing until he got here.  he is the sweetest baby who rarely ever cries.  we know he only cries if he's gone too long for his bottle or if he has a dirty diaper that we have not figured out yet.  otherwise he is calm, sweet, and restful.  we praise God for every day and we're looking forward to many more firsts with baby dax.


Ashley said...

It only gets better!
Glad everything is going well. He is so precious and I love that picture!

Melodie said...

i love the sweet picture of him and the update of all the firsts you are getting to enjoy. sounds like you are enjoying every moment! i know that this Thursday will be an extral thankful one in your books.

J.L. said...

Love the list and the pic! You're going to give Anne Geddes a run for her money!

Kristine said...

So sweet!

Cat's Litterbox said...

This post put the biggest smile on my face! I LOVE that you guys now "get it" and fully appreciate and enjoy being parents. I think being adoptive parents is extra special. :-)

You had your first visit with his birth mom... hope it went well. I pray for her and that everyone sees the plan that God has for you all.

Dax is such a special little guy. He's loved by so many people and cherished by a chosen few.

Can't wait to meet him, introduce him to Gus, and HOLD HIM!!!!


Kierstin said...

Cute little love!!! My friend Kristin just posted a bunch of great resources on her blog-- check it out:

Venessa said...

I am a new blog happy to have found your blog and cant wait to read more. Thanks for sharing your adoption story, I am so glad to have found other adoptive moms out there!