Thursday, September 15, 2011

a weekend away

last weekend we headed out to wine country, nc to get away for 36 hours and recenter ourselves.  we loaded up the car and drove out to sample some fine wine, spend a night in a little cottage in the woods, feast on some delicious food, and just be with each other.  we had a great time relaxing, recouping, and reconnecting.  the weather was gorgeous and we went to a lot of places we'd never seen in nc before.  it was good to unwind and chat it up with husband.  we did not realize how exhausted we were, but apparently living your life waiting for a phone call had taken its toll on us.  we feel so much better now that we were able to get back on track and refocus our journey.


Bonky's Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect get away. So glad for you guys!

J.L. said...

What an adorable cottage! I feel refreshed just looking at those lovely photos. xoxo

Ashley said...

Glad you got some time away for yourselves. Sounds wonderful!