Friday, September 30, 2011

the power of food

food has the power to heal all wounds. 

it takes your mind off things when you spend multiple hours in the kitchen chopping, grating, blending, stirring, mixing, staring into the oven, watching for things to boil, broil, and brown.  it kept me totally distracted, which was apparently what i needed.

this week we've been feasting on some gourmet (if you want to call them that) home cooked meals.  you could call me a regular fan of the barefoot contessa, even though the food that i make never seems to end up looking so pretty.  i need a food stylist to swoop in just when the dinner is ready and fix the plates before we commence the eating.  husband was all giddy last night when he found out that his plates have been those that were photographed all week long.  mine were much sloppier.  he thought that was a nice gift.

i first have to say that i never go by a recipe.  i watch a lot of food network and cooking channel and i remember dishes that i have seen and then i adapt them to whatever i think works/sounds best.  it's hard when people say "oh, that was so good - let's have it again" - because i will likely never be able to recreate the same dish twice.

we started the week off with fresh figs three ways.  the recipes that night featured fresh figs raw, figs with balsamic honey glaze and a sprinkle of thyme, and figs stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped in prosciutto.  we both decided that the cheezy salty figs were our favorites. 

the next night we had herb roasted parsnips and carrots with lemon thyme chicken and barley.  we both loved every single bite of this delicious dinner! 

the next evening we had tom kha (coconut soup) and handmade eggrolls stuffed with cabbage, carrots, and shitake mushrooms.  we both really liked this meal and husband said that these eggrolls were better than the restaurant! 

the next night's dinner was a twist on carbonara.  i took rigatoni noodles and roasted asparagus to go with the pancetta and parmigiana reggiano coated noodles.  it was fantastic!  (I had the rest of it for lunch the next day!) 

last night was our only little flop up.  we had herbed chicken, roasted beets with goat cheese, and fried green tomatoes with remoulade.  we both really liked the chicken, the beets, and the remoulade - but the fried green tomatoes i had been so excited about were a complete bust!  i think we ate enough beets to obliterate dwight schrute's farm though, so we were full even without our tomato mess!

a big thank you to my dish washer - will - who has washed every bowl, pot, and pan multiple times this week so we could feast on some very elaborate meals!

tonight's entree of choice - whatever husband picks up on his way home from work!  bon appetit!

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Ashley said...

I'm so impressed! Cooking is a good distraction but it just makes me mad so I let my husband do most of it! LOL