Sunday, September 25, 2011

painterly sky

will was feeling under the weather starting this past wednesday.  he had that kind of cold where your nose is runny, but all clogged up at the same time.  he couldn't breathe, even after two run ins with the netti pot, decongestants, loads of vitamin c, and two days in the bed.  we decided to lay low this weekend and just rest.  thankfully, after pretty much three days of total nothingness - he is starting to feel better - like he's beat the affliction.

friday night's sunset was probably the most exciting thing that occurred in the past 48.  when the clouds parted (after it being totally cloudy all day)  i saw rays of sun pouring down the road that runs beside our house.  i left pasta boiling on the stove, grabbed my camera, looked both ways, and ran out and sat in the street.  the light bouncing off the clouds looked just like a maxfield parrish.  i felt like i'd walked right into "ecstasy" 1929.

remembering the boiling noodles, i decided i'd better head back inside.  luckily i found mr. sickly tending to the stove.  shew!  i think he's been dealing with my hair brained love of the sunset ever since we met.  you never get the same sunset twice, so you have to capture it, if it's something amazing.  i love living in a neighborhood where i have not yet been evicted for sitting in the middle of the road in my pajamas taking photos of the sun, and being married to a man who puts up with my tangents - even when he's under the weather.


Ashley said...

Love the pictures! I love to watch sunsets as well!

beth said...

That's because the two of you are probably one of the best matched couples I have ever had the honor of knowing.. BONUS your my sister.