Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend at the beach

we are so grateful for a relaxing weekend at the beach. 

we just got home a little bit ago from spending time with some friends at their beach house on bald head island, nc.  we made our way to and from the island reading one of our adoption books on the kindle.  we are so thankful for the time we had together to discuss all of the topics that were raised that we had not yet thought of, and the ones we wanted to further delve into.  we stayed up late on friday night just talking about how we will handle things when (and if) they arise.  saturday morning we had a long walk together on the beach, just cherishing our alone time together, and then saturday afternoon and evening we enjoyed everyone else's laughter and the fun on the beach.  the time to rest and relax before the big seminar in asheville this friday is just what we needed!

the morning walk on saturday was so amazing, since the weatherman had been calling for rain for the entire weekend.

since we're saving all of our pennies for our adoption, we've not planned any vacation time this year, so this trip meant a lot to us.  we love the beach, and do plan to make some day trips this summer, but nothing is like a morning walk or a sunset evening on the beach!  we're so thankful we had this time!


Ashley said...

Beautiful! Glad you had a good time!

Cat's Litterbox said...

The pictures are beautiful!!! How fun to go to Bald Head Island! I've always wanted to go... maybe someday! Anytime you want to take a day trip to the beach, let me know... I'm always game!! I'm eager to hear about your weekend in the mountains!!! Crossing my fingers that you guys have a great time and learn lots of good information! Miss you!!