Saturday, March 12, 2011

cloth diapers

cloth diaper obsessed?

i hope not, but it could be a possible diagnosis.  ever since we decided to cloth diaper i've been overcome with the need to fill the drawers with them.  however, stocking up can be expensive when you're trying to save every penny for the adoption.  i've been monitoring for sales and finally found one that got me 5 cloth diapers (including free shipping) for a little over $15 each.  i ordered them a week ago and had been patiently awaiting their arrival.

last night they were hand delivered from the mail box by the hubs who was not as overjoyed as i was to finally have some more diapers in our supply.  (although he probably is happy to have me not be so worried about our tiny supply.)  our good friends d and cathy had given us about 7 starter diapers to help build our stock, but i was still having nightmares of being ill prepared.  i had a dream about a month ago that a baby was placed with us and we brought him (yes, in the dream it was a boy) home but we had no diapers, no bottles, no formula.  we no longer have this situation in our house - we now have some bottles, diapers, and one container of formula.  shew!

clearly we are still only about a third of the way to having enough cloth diapers to really be moving and grooving, but at least we could make it through a day of diapering with what we have now.  i need to get all of these laundered and ready to go, but i think we've got some time for that.

there's a lot to know about cloth diapering and it can seem a little overwhelming.  i feel like i have a complete grasp on why i want to do it, but do not fully understand the "how" it all works despite reading other's stories and talking to others who cloth diaper.  does anyone have any advice on an article, book, or some pointers they can offer?


Melodie said...

and those diapers are so cute! so in your dream it was a BOY. i noticed last night in your post below that you said "little girl or gal", which to me, meant girl or girl. so i wondered if your intuition was pointing you towards a girl. :) time shall tell. maybe twins . . .one of each. :)

Krista said...

We cloth diaper and love it. Please email or call anytime. As many cloth diaper mamas know.....we can talk hours on the subject :)