Friday, March 18, 2011

smart momma class

somehow i was the expectant parent with the most diaper knowledge at last night's cloth diapering seminar. it felt good to know that all of the reading, questioning, and chatting with folks had paid off. the seminar was informative and the owner of the store went through every brand of cloth diaper that she sold. i learned some things i had not previously heard of and also confirmed that i'd like to add some fuzzibunz to the stash.  fuzzibunz seem like they will work well for nighttime use because of the super absorbent polar fleece - which makes them super fuzzy inside - and the adjustable elastic legs!

here are the tidbits i picked up last night:
-  we will need a pail (with lid) and two washable liners to store diapers waiting for laundry
-  for first time washing you must wash and dry the diapers for the number of cycles listed - just washing 5 times, does not complete the purpose of the cycles.  the drying after each wash must be a part of it.
-  you should not use chemical creams such as "desetin" on babies using cloth diapers as they will create build up in the diaper.  a natural product should be used instead.
-  cloth wipe solution can be purchased or homemade.  here are some recipes:
cloth wipe solutions
-  may seem obvious, but not all "baby" safe detergents are good for cloth diapers.  likewise, not all "cloth diaper" safe detergents are good for all high efficiency washing machines.  however, rockin' green seems to fit both criteria.  i purchased a bag to get started on the laundering of the diapers we have thus far.  our washer is finiky (ge was just here last week for too many bubbles) so we will see how it works out.

i also purchased one more bum genius 4.0 snap diaper because they were on sale.  after the demo i know that those and the fuzzibunz are the ones i want to start out with, and then we can build/evolve as needed.


Kierstin said...

I make my own baby wipes-- if you are interested let me know-- I'll email pics and the recipe! :)

adrianne + will said...

Yes! That would be awesome! Please do! Thanks so much!