Tuesday, March 15, 2011

confirmed - "you can type your answers"

we got such great news today!

the adoption profile paperwork can all be printed out from the computer! 

i know, this is not what you all were thinking would be such great and wonderful news - but to the light at the end of the tunnel - this was a critical piece of news.  i am now officially done with my personal paperwork and just have to fill out one last joint form while husband finishes his personal profile data.

i am not quite sure how people say they've finished all of this in a weekend.  we've agonized over these questions to the point of possibly overthinking them.  i just feel such responsibility to properly communicate the history of my life, the gifts of my parents, the love and strength of my husband, and the hopes for our child that i feel like i have to analzye every word.  hopefully all of the thinking, even if it was excessive, will help our social worker get to know us better.

husband is fastidiously working on his questions and i think he's in the home stretch!  i cannot wait until we get this packet in the mail.  the countdown to the post office is on!


The Daddy said...

With our first adoption, this part took us about 4 months, our second adoption took us about 1 week. Just remember to save your work on an memory stick :)!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Ours took about a weekend, but we didn't have 80+ questions like you have. We did spend an entire day (no joke... like 10am-5pm) working on the individual section and then the rest of the weekend on the joint section. My section was 32 pages and Steve's was 24.

Anyway... it IS good news that you could type the answers! What a mess of confusion!!!

Can't wait to hear that you've got it in the mail!!

Ashley said...

Just remember, there is no such thing as "perfect" answers! Just be yourself- they just want to get an idea of who you are. There are no right or wrong answers- don't put too much pressure on yourselves!