Friday, March 11, 2011

baby in da house!

it was great to finally see a baby in this house!  it was the first time we've ever seen what a little one would look like in our home, when our friends cathy and steve came over last weekend with their son gus.  when we purchased our home over three years ago we bought it with kids in mind.  we'd pictured children crawling around the wood floors, running around the kitchen island in circles, doing home work at the kitchen table, reading books in the keeping room, and playing in the back yard.  it had been a long time coming to have a little one explore and take the run of the house.

gus amazed us all by strolling around the main floor with anything he could get his hands on to help him push the laps.  they brought his activity table and he used that as well as books to speed around the living room, pass by the kitchen, into the keeping room, back through the kitchen, into the dining room, and then all the way back to the living room.  he was going at a good clip!  it was so great to see him enjoying the space, and to confirm that it was going to be lived (one day) like we'd intended.

gus is a happy baby.  he's content with the toys he has and is always smiling.  he only fussed once he'd gotten too tired to put up with our nonsense any longer.  he appeased our fussing over him, talking in baby babble, being amazed at his walking skills, and just being so happy to be around him.  cathy and steve are great parents to this little fella and its evident in his happiness.

hopefully we'll be taking some pages out of their parenting books and will end up with a little girl or gal running spiritedly around the house soon!  we are so thankful to have found some adoptive parents to learn from, share with, and be inspired by.  we hope our little one and gus will become fast friends one day!

(p.s. - his eyes really are this amazing!)

(p.p.s. - cathy has mad singing skills and totally entertained gus with songs on her iphone.  i am going to have to get one of those, and learn how to carry a tune!)

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