Thursday, February 28, 2013

calling a&e - hoarders - baby edition

i previously posted about dax putting things in the trash can when i was not paying attention, but now he's moved on to a new level of hoarding.  our baby seems to be a kleptomaniac who loves to play hide and seek.  he'll snatch up anything he can find and take it under my desk (where i sit 8 hours a day while i am working) and crawl up behind the old desktop computer case to drop it in and behind the desk.  there's a little area there between the wall and the desk - which is apparently the perfect hiding spot for stuff.  now that i know about this little spot, since discovering it last week, i have to clean it out on a daily basis because some how sneaky mcsneakerton gets back there and loads up his hoarding pile with all sorts of goodies.  yesterday (it seems) he had a field day with my markers.

apparently it's pretty common for babies around this age to play hide and seek with unwilling partners.  does anyone else have past experience with baby hoarding?


Ashley said...

That's too funny! I haven't noticed Kaylee hoarding anything so far.

Cat's Litterbox said...

That's hilarious!!!

Gus would take his books and rings and put them in the dog's crate. He still goes in there with objects and I'll find them randomly in there with Ned.