Saturday, March 9, 2013

16 months

daxton just celebrated his 16 month birthday!

it's amazing to watch our boy growing up!  this past month dax has been working hard on standing up all over the place.  he'll just be sitting down minding his own business and all of the sudden he'll stand right up, legs spread wide apart for bracing, and look around to make sure you're watching him.  he's now even doing things like clapping his hands once he's standing up or raising his hands into the air like a giant stretch.  he's trusting his abilities to stand and is doing it much more frequently for much longer periods of time.

as previously noted this month, dax is now walking with his little walker toy.  he's taken one or two steps here and there on his own, but really trucks across the room (until you stop turning the toy around and he's run dead into the wall) in a fast pace now.  it's still so amazing to watch those little legs go, go, go and i always sit there with my jaw dropped.

daxton is still enjoying a plethora of baked sweet potatoes, baby cherry tomatoes, and yogurt these days - but lately he's being adventurous and trying all sorts of new items.  just this week he feasted on a whole grain waffle, broccoli cheddar soup, and a french baguette.  he's also now in love with veggie chips.  it's scary if you have a bag of them and they run out because someone is just a tad spoiled rotten and will cry and cry until you find some more or distract him with something else.  we had this same issue with popsicles a while back and they have not been seen in our house for months!  we tried pho a few weeks ago and he liked the broth and noodles but wanted nothing to do with the "meat"balls, cilantro, basil, or bean sprouts.  we'll get him there one day.


we've been so focused on the standing and walking that daxton's vocabulary has kind of stalled out.  he still repeats all of his famous phrases and delights every one with "dank you", but this week we've heard things like "aye, aye, aye", "like it", "mmm", and "go".  he'll chat your ear off sometimes and we just wish we knew what he was saying.  he'll go on and on and is so animated with the stories he tells that he's really passionate about whatever it is he's spilling.  we'll keep working on new sounds and words and hopefully soon we'll figure it all out!

while dax still likes the mickey mouse clubhouse, (well at least the intro and the hot dog song) it's not very fun for the parents, so we've sort of steered him into a new favorite show.  dax now loves to watch doc mcstuffins.  he loves the intro song, doc singing, and any animal toy singing escapades that unfold during the 20 minute episode.  we let him watch one each night before our night time routine and he smiles a huge grin when he sees what's coming on the tube.  we're contemplating getting him a doc doll for Easter since the doll sings the song.  he may be in love.


daxton has never wanted to keep anything in his pack and play or crib while he napped or rested, but recently i gave him a toy giraffe (he got when he was born) to play with while he settled into napping.  he goes down really easily for his naps (most days) but sometimes he likes to sit in his crib and talk up a storm before falling asleep.  this week he's gone 8 sleeps with the giraffe in the crib.  usually any item you give him is chucked out quickly with an "uh oh" even though it was completely on purpose.  however, he's sticking with this giraffe.  last night we even watched him nuzzle up with her and look her in the eyes before we turned out the light.  too cute.

daxton's looking forward to Easter this month and he cannot wait for the egg hunt at church, reading more of his story book bible to learn about Jesus, dying eggs, and Easter church services!  there's a lot going on and we're eager to see how fascinated he is with all of these events!


beth said...

AWWW I miss my little man..

Melodie said...

beautiful little boy. i'm glad you are enjoying this fun stage with him!

Cat's Litterbox said...

Each month I'm amazed that he's another month older. I love how willing he is to try different foods. Enjoy it!!!

We hope you guys have a great Easter and we can't wait to see the blog with pictures of Dax doing the Easter Egg Hunt! Should be a ton of fun this year!!!