Wednesday, February 27, 2013


look at my baby go!

it's funny how normal adult speech is totally revamped when little ones enter the house.  we've gone from total adult chatter to turning everything into baby lingo.  i am not sure how it goes that way, but your brain just gets sucked out and replaced with some device that makes everything baby friendly.  so, the other day when dax decided he was ready to walk (yes - he started all by himself), i just started calling it "walkings".  not sure why i added the "s" to the end, or even how that makes it baby speech - but when i say it - and how i say it - it sounds like baby blabber.

so now when you say to dax:  "do you want to do some walkings?"  he will crawl to his little melissa and doug alligator walker and stand up right behind it (most of the time holding on) and will walk a path as far as that little walker will carry him until he runs into the wall, the couch, the side table, you get the idea.  then, if he is really in the mood for walkings he will wait for you to turn him and the walker around so he can go back the other way.  or, if he is done with walkings he will just sit down and crawl away.

it's all sort of funny that this happened when it did because it seems that every time dax has a three month check up the doctor asks us well, does he do this?, does he do that?, on and on and if we say NO to anything dax will within the following week be doing that thing.  this past appointment was for the 15 month check up.  the doctor asked us:  "does he point at things?"  will and i both looked at each other and said that he did not.  (honestly it's been a while since i read the parenting milestone book and i did not even know that pointing was on the charts.  you kind of have to stop looking at it at some point when you get overwhelmed by the plague of people asking you if he's hit certain milestones.  it makes your mom heart worry, and most of the time - for no reason.)  then the doctor asked:  "is he walking?"  everyone loves to ask THAT question and when we confirm NO, not yet - they are somewhat shocked or dismayed.  i am not sure why, since every baby walks at their own pace - but it certainly puts a momma into a stage of fear and useless worry when other people are so aghast at your baby's milestone achievements or lack thereof. 

so after we told the doctor that dax was not pointing, within 24 hours he was pointing.  we changed nothing, did nothing different, and were not then pointing at everything on the planet - but he was.  it was kind of odd.  and now he is like a super pointer, pointing it up.  the first time will and i both saw it we looked at each other with shock on our faces and were doing a little victory pointing dance.  now, one week later, its just something he does with everything - all day long.

then, this past sunday morning we'd all gotten up sickly and knew we had to skip church when dax's temperature was over 100.  we dosed him up on his meds, fed him his breakfast, and all headed upstairs to the tv room to let him watch an episode of doc mcstuffins.  even if it's his favorite show he will only watch about 10 minutes of it before he starts to wander off and do something else.  (and i am not a huge proponent of kids watching lots of tv so it's no bother to me at all.)  so, he did just that and decided that he would check out the walker.  we've had it since november and he's never really done much with it, but sunday it was just on his agenda.  so he got behind it, stood right up, and started to go.  he marched across the game room with sheer determination and we immediately praised him and had him doing it round robin, back and forth.  on his second trek across the room, just as he stood up at the handle he actually took a step on his own, no hands holding on, and will and i both confirmed that was his actual real first step!  since sunday dax has impressed us over and over with his walkings as he trucks across the game room back and forth over and over again.  anytime we ask him to "show us his walkings" he goes straight to his walker and gets to work.  too cute.

so, once again its another milestone that the doctor asked us about, we said no - not even close - no way - no how - and boom he showed us all who's boss in this situation.  it won't be long now before he's walking hands free.  dax is impressing us everyday with his mad skills.  it's hard to see this little fella grow up so quickly, but it certainly is joyous to watch.

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