Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cracker Barrel

It's just funny how things come together. Yesterday, on our way home from the 'Noke we made two pit stops in Cracker Barrels. I know, If you know me, you know I cannot get enough of them, but they do have great things besides grub.

First of all - they have a good changing station in both the women's and men's room. They are safe and they are clean. Secondly, they have friendly staff who cheerfully greet you, seat you, and thank you all the way. And one last rant love are the rockers on the front porch. I've rocked many a time with many a friend and family member on their porches.

However, our last trip to the Barrel on Sunday night isn't about any of this, it's about our waitress. She came over quickly and cheerfully welcomed us and offered to get our drinks. At the same time we ordered Dax's late night dinner. The waitress (with three stars on her apron) said she'd put it in right away. But, before she left she chatted with us about Dax. She said: "he's adopted right?" And we nodded to confirm. Her face lit up as she began to tell us about her second son, the one she'd placed for adoption 2 years prior. She swelled with pride as she took her cell phone out to show us his 2nd birthday party picture. She smiled and was content with the situation. It made our hearts happy.

We hope and pray that we can give Dax's birthmother the same sense of peace and assurance that this sweet girl had. It really was magical to see what she had, a sense of pride in her decision, a thank you for "people like us", and a happiness for the situation.

We were so happy we made this final pit stop to get Daxton some carrots and applesauce. And, we're so thankful that God put this sweet girl in our lives last night.

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