Friday, May 6, 2011

mother's day weekend

i vividly remember previous mother's days being full of sorrow.  i remember getting cards from my mom and others that were sympathetic to my situation, but still never wiping away the pain of the day itself. 

i think the thing that always haunted me was just never knowing if i'd be someone's mother.  longing to be that person for someone had left a giant void in my heart.  it was hard to bare, thinking i would be childless.

this year as we head into mother's day weekend it feels different.  the other day i got this joyous card in the mail - the tone is totally different from the cards i've gotten on past mother's days.

it's now that we wait in joyous unfailing hope - knowing that our baby is out there somewhere - and that soon they will find their way to us.  we know the journey (specifically the wait) may be long, and we really are fine with that.  we find comfort in knowing that all of this has happened for a reason, and that our family will come together as it was designed - knowing that one day i will be someone's mommy and the hubbs will be the daddi-o.


Melodie said...

so glad that Sunday will be a joyous occassion for you. and here's to hoping that the next mother's day, your babe will be in your arms!

Ashley said...

So glad to hear your hopeful post! Hope you have a very joyful Mother's Day!