Tuesday, May 31, 2011

profile book ordered - check

well - we finally did it. 

we finally ordered our profile book.  it took months of sorting through thousands of photos, finding just the right words, and putting it all together to finally get the book where we wanted it.  after submitting it for approval a little over a week ago we were asked to make a few "small" changes.  i had hoped to get the book ordered a while ago, but getting some of the changes into place took longer than expected - however - it - is - finally - ordered!

now i will just be on pins and needles until the copies arrive so we can make sure everything came out all right in the printing process before we mail them on to Bethany.  everything looked good in the preview and we feel pretty good about the final product - so we wait!

if you'd like to view the inside of the book, feel free to take a "preview" tour at:
finding family

Bethany is working to approve our web profile and putting together our home assessment paperwork. we've gotten multiple clarifications and updates today, so we know everything is in the works! 

next stop - craft projects!


~*~Jeny~*~ said...

Wow!! Love it! Love following your blog and can't wait to watch you build your family. Praying for you guys and for your birth mother :@)

Kelly said...

Just found your blog! Making the profile was such a painstaking process, but now it's such a neat thing to keep for our daughter! Anyhow, can't wait to keep up with your blog...oh, and cloth diapers rock!

Cat's Litterbox said...

I am overjoyed for you both!! The book is beautiful and it's the perfect statement of who you guys are as a family. The right situation will come to you and your family will be created soon!!! Who knows... it could all be happening right now and you not even know it!! (How fun and scary is that?!?!?!)

Keep us posted as things start to QUICKLY unfold!!!