Saturday, May 28, 2011


i found this heads up penny today and it reminded me how lucky i am.

a few reasons i am lucky:

i just returned home from a week in va where i had to go work at my office's headquarters.  i'm lucky to be able work from home and NEVER ever take that for granted.  working from home is a peaceful environment that i have a ton of control over. 

my sweet husband circled the airport multiple times with my darling doggies waiting happily inside until i could get my suitcase off the baggage claim and then waited in the car for another half an hour while i got us some thai food (my favorite) for a quiet dinner at home.

our pastor and his family met us for an afternoon of bowling which helped me settle back into the calmness of life in nc and a focus on something other than work and adoption processes.

our adoption paperwork, video slide show, web profile, and profile book have been turned in for approval.  fingers crossed they will be approved as is and we will officially be done with everything we have to do before being on the waiting list.

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